BIO 26 Lab Exam

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  1. Three main lines of defense
    • 1. Surface barriers
    • 2. Innate internal defenses
    • 3. Adaptive defenses
  2. Surface areas - think castle walls and moat
    • Castle walls - Epithelium
    • Moat - mucus secretion

    Innate external defenses
  3. Innate internal defenses - think guards
    check I D and and are always ready to attack foe: cells and chemicals in body fluids
  4. Adaptive defenses - think army
    take time to mobilize and train to fight an identified enemy: B and T cells
  5. Adaptive immunity differs from innate in four different ways - think guards and army
    • 1. are specific - they are directed against a specific enemy
    • 2. involve the BaTTalion - B and T cells
    • 3. they have memory - will attack the same enemy who comes back to do battle again
    • 4. are systemic - they can work anywhere in the castle/moat/walls - systemic
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