CC SQL 11. using data manipulation functions

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  1. text manipulation functions
    • Function Description
    • Left() Returns characters from left of string
    • Length() Returns the length of a string
    • Locate() Finds a substring within a string
    • Lower() Converts string to lowercase
    • LTrim() Trims white space from left of string
    • Right() Returns characters from right of string
    • RTrim() Trims white space from right of string
    • Soundex() Returns a string's SOUNDEX value
    • SubString() Returns characters from within a string
    • Upper() Converts string to uppercase

    • SELECT vend_name, UPPER(vend_name) AS vend_name_upcase
    • FROM vendors
    • ORDER BY vend_name;
  2. Date and Time manipulation functions
    • Function Description
    • AddDate() Add to a date (days, weeks, and so on)
    • AddTime() Add to a time (hours, minutes, and so on)
    • CurDate() Returns the current date
    • CurTime() Returns the current time
    • Date() Returns the date portion of a date time
    • DateDiff() Calculates the difference between two dates
    • Date_Add() Highly flexible date arithmetic function
    • Date_Format() Returns a formatted date or time stringDay() Returns the day portion of a date
    • DayOfWeek() Returns the day of week for a date
    • Hour() Returns the hour portion of a time
    • Minute() Returns the minute portion of a time
    • Month() Returns the month portion of a date
    • Now() Returns the current date and time
    • Second() Returns the second portion of a time
    • Time() Returns the time portion of a date time
    • Year() Returns the year portion of a date
  3. numeric manipulation functions
    • Abs() Returns a number's absolute value
    • Cos() Returns the trigonometric cosine of a specified angle
    • Exp() Returns the exponential value of a specific number
    • Mod() Returns the remainder of a division operation
    • Pi() Returns the value of pi
    • Rand() Returns a random number
    • Sin() Returns the trigonometric sine of a specified angle
    • Sqrt() Returns the square root of a specified number
    • Tan() Returns the trigonometric tangent of a specified angle
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CC SQL 11 using data manipulation functions

CC SQL 11. using data manipulation functions
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