Globalisation & migration end of chapter terms

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  1. What is an Assylum seeker?
    A person who tries to enter a country by claiming to be a victim of persecution or hardship
  2. Commmodity chains
    a sequence of stages in which companies to exploit resources, transform them into goods or commodities and then distribute them to consumers
  3. Economic migrant
    a person seeking work in another country
  4. Ecotourism
    a form of tourism that tries to minimise its environmental impacts by sing local resources and keeping profits in the area.
  5. Foreign direct investment
    where a company or government becomes involved in the economy of another country
  6. Economic globalisation
    the increasing integration of nationl markets
  7. Global shift
    The present movement of economic production to cheaper locations in the world
  8. Information technology
    the use of computers and software to manage and process information
  9. Mass tourism
    popular, large - scale tourism of the type pioneered in southern Europe, the Caribbean, and North aamerica in the 1960s and 1970s
  10. Net migration
    The balance between the number of people entering and the number of peple leaving a country or a region
  11. Package holiday
    a holiday in which travel and accommodation are put togeter by a tour operator and sold s a relatively cheap package.
  12. Push - pull factors
    The things that encourage people to migrate form one area to another. The negatives in the area of departure are balanced against the positives (pull) of the destination
  13. Refugee
    a person who reasons for migrating are due to fear or persecution or death
  14. Tourism
    any leisure time or recreational activity which involves at least one night's bscence from the normal place of residence
  15. Transnational company (TNC)
    a large company operating in a number of countries and often involved ina variety of ecomomic activities
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