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  1. supine
    laying flat on one's back
  2. verisimilar
    true to life; giving the appearance of reality
  3. dispatch
    speed; celerity
  4. diaphanous
    transparent; thin and delicate
  5. vituperate
    attack bitterly
  6. refulgent
    glowing; radiant
  7. maudlin
    sad; sentimental, inclined to weep
  8. sidereal
    of or related to stars
  9. occluded
    obscured; blocked; shut in; stop; close up
  10. natty
    neat, dapper, smart
  11. millinery
    hats and hat-making
  12. iniquitous
    evil; unjust; morally wrong
  13. inchoate
    undeveloped; nascent
  14. baleful
    evil; threatening harm; menacing; having a harmful or destructive effect
  15. solicitous
    kindly; expressing care and concern;

    eager or anxious to do something (arcahic usage)
  16. racounteur
    person who relates a story
  17. probity
    uprightness; honesty
  18. impugn
    dispute the truth, validity, or honesty of (a statement or motive); call into question
  19. canonical
  20. aphoristic
    expressed tersely
  21. anondized
    electroplated; coated with a thin layer of metal
  22. sinecure
    job which pays salary but requires little effort
  23. nugatory
    of minor significance; futile
  24. interregnum
    interval between reigns or government
  25. idyll
    story or incident in a peaceful or ideal setting
  26. effrontery
    daring; audacity (has a negative connotation)

    insolent or impertinent behavior
  27. demagogue
    mob leader (who appeals to basic instincts--popular desires and prejudices)
  28. accretion
    accumulation of matter; growth produced by adding from the outside
  29. runic
    mysterious; magical
  30. plumb
    measure the depth of (specifically of water);

    explore or experience fully or to extremes:

    exactly (slang)
  31. minatory
  32. inveigle
    coax; cajole; wheedle; entice
  33. encomium
  34. recumbent
    reclining; lying down

    (of a plant) growing close to the ground
  35. opprobrious / opprobrium
    adj. expressing great scorn

    n. harsh criticism or censure: his films and the critical opprobrium they have generated.• the public disgrace arising from someone's shameful conduct:
  36. hortatory
    encouraging; exhorting
  37. foppish
    behaving or dressing like a dandy;

    excessively concerned with fashion
  38. ellipsis
    omission of either essential or superfluous words
  39. damp
    (used of vibration) reduce in extent
  40. abut
    (of an area of land or a building) be next to or have a common boundary with
  41. contiguous
    adjacent; touching; abutting
  42. caret
    punctuation mark signifying omission (or where something should be inserted)
  43. stygian
    very dark
  44. recondite
    (of a subject of knowledge) little known;

  45. puissance
    great power, influence, or prowess
  46. mettlesome
    full of spirit and courage
  47. inured
    hardened; habituated
  48. repine
    fret; be discontented
  49. glib
    superficial; especially in speech
  50. augury

    [auger] looking for omens
  51. meretricious
    falsely attractive; tawdry

    apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity; of, relating to, or characteristic of a prostitute
  52. feckless
    feeble, helpless; lacking in initiative
  53. equivocation
    he use of ambiguous language to conceal the truth or to avoid committing oneself;
  54. abjure
    renounce; swear to refrain from something

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