Neo-analytic and Ego Aspects (FOUR)

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  1. A concern with the individuals sense of self (ego) as the core of personality.
    Neo-analytic Approach, or "New Analysis" to personality.
  2. What were two things that put a crack in Freud and Jung's relationship?
    • 1. Freud over-emphasized sexuality
    • 2. Freud underestimated the ability of the unconscious to contribute to personal growth; to act as a positive force, not only negative.
  3. What is the key structure of Jungian personality?
    Personality contians both conscious and unconscious aspects, and helathy individuals find a balance between the conscious and unconscious aspects of self.
  4. Soul or spirit.
  5. Totally integrated Psyche
  6. Principle of the "give and take" relationship between the conscious and unconscious realms of the Self.
  7. Signifies a complete whole person, order, or spiritual development.
  8. The aspect of the personality that adapts to the world. Your social identity that is located in one's conscious awareness.
  9. Seen as the "gatekeeper" to consciousness. Nothing can become conscious without coming through...
    The Ego
  10. Responsible for organization of perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and memories in day-to-day life.
  11. This Jungian aspect of personality was similar to Freud's idea of Preconscious.
    The Personal Unconscious
  12. What are two reasons that the Personal Unconscious contains thoughts and feelings that are currently not a part of one's conscious awareness?
    • 1. These thoughts and feelings are unimportant.
    • 2. Or they are threatening to the Ego
  13. Where we overvalue our Ego and suppress some unconscious aspect of ourselves.
    Ego Inflation
  14. When we overdevelop some aspects of ourselves, and thus, suppress another aspect of ourselves to an unhealthy extent.
  15. A person needs to undergo what to return to a whole, healthy individual?
  16. The totally integrated Psyche of Personality
  17. Located in the Personal Unconscious, this is healthfully balanced between the conscious and the unconscious.
  18. The deeper level of unconsciousness made up of archetypes that are common across all people.
    Collective Unconscious
  19. Emotional symbols that are common to all people and have been formed since the beginning of time.
  20. Name three common archetypes.
    • 1. Hero vs. Demon
    • 2. Wise old man
    • 3. Mother (positive or negative figure)
  21. The unconscious compliment to a person's conscious identity, often experienced as dangerous and evil.
    The Shadow
  22. This is located in the Collective Unconscious and is the place where unacceptable impulses live.
    The Shadow
  23. Femininity that is part of unconscious of every man.
  24. Masculinity that is part of the unconscious of every woman.
  25. How to men that are "possessed" by their Anima act?
    Moody and emotional
  26. Women possessed by their Animus are thought to be...
    Opinionated and preoccupied with power.
  27. The Anima/Animus are thought to be consciously developed and create what in healthy individuals?
    Psychological androgyny
  28. The process of becoming a fully developed person, with all psychic elements developed fully.
  29. The process of integrating all opposing aspects of personality into a unified whole.
    Transcendent Function
  30. What is the goal of transcendent function?
    To move the Self from the Ego to some point between the Ego and the Unconscious.
  31. A group of emotionally charged thoughts, feelings and ideas that are related to a particular theme.
  32. What do complexes affect?
    Our personality and how we react to our environment.
  33. What are the four functions of the mind, and what do they do?
    • 1. Sensing: Is something there?
    • 2. Thinking: What is there?
    • 3. Feeling: What is it worth?
    • 4. Intuiting: Where did it come from and where is it going?
  34. Directing psychic energy toward things in the external world.
  35. Directing psychic energy toward things in the internal world.
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