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  1. have a (moderate⇔extreme) temper
  2. at moderate speed
    • 中くらいの
    • 適度の
  3. an excessive amount of time
    drive at excessive speeds
    The tuition is excessive.

    tuition fee=授業料
  4. moderate prices
    He moderated his demands.
    • 値段をひく
    • 夢を控えめにした
    • (適度にする・和らげる)
  5. eat in moderation
    • 程よく
    • 適度に
  6. He declined to sign.
    I am sorry to decline your kind offer.
    [III[名]/to do]…を(穏やかに)断る, 辞退する(▼ふつう完了不定詞・完了動名詞はとらない).
  7. He refused my offer for no good reason.
  8. decline with thanks
  9. His reputation is declining.
  10. live up to one's reputation
    She has a reputation for being late.
    lose [build] one's reputation
    gain [establish, earn, make] a reputation
  11. crude manners
    a crude sketch
    not developed to a high standard, or made with little skill

    not exact or without any detail, but generally correct and useful
  12. crude materials
    crude rubber
    before it is made more pure or separated into different products
  13. What is the approximate number of students in each class?

    These percentages are only approximate.

    The plane will be landing in approximately 20 minutes.

    How much do think it will cost, approximately?

    • ラテン語approximātus
    • ap-へ
    • proximusもっとも近い
  14. The report is approximate to the truth.
  15. an approximate condition
    • 類似の
    • よく似ている
  16. approximate a solution

    The crowd approximated 20,000 people.

    approximate one's performance to perfection

    His sketches of the war approximate reality.

    approximate to the truth

    His annual income closely approximates to 20,000 dollars.
  17. exact directions
    exact instruments
    She is very exact in her behavior.
    • 的確な
    • 精密な
    • 厳格な
  18. Private morality, in crude terms, is not the law's business
    in crude terms:expressed in a simple way
  19. surge forward/through etc
    The taxi surged forward
    The crowd surged through the gates.
    (v)to suddenly move very quickly in a particular direction
  20. She could feel anger surging inside her.
    a surge of sadness
    (v)also surge up; if a feeling surges or surges up, you begin to feel it very strongly
  21. A wave surged up towards them.
    Adrenalin surged through her veins.
    (v)if a large amount of a liquid, electricity, chemical etc surges, it moves very quickly and suddenly:
  22. Switzerland is a federal republic.
    (adj)a federal country or system of government consists of a group of states which control their own affairs, but which are also controlled by a single national government which makes decisions on foreign affairs, defence etc:連合の・連邦の
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