Moses and nonvascular plants

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  1. how do mosses fit in with plants?
    mosses are evolved from green algae (chlorophyta)
  2. Mosses are nonvascular plants...
    they lack vascular tissue
  3. which kingdom do mosses belong in?
    kingdom plantae

    -they are small, dead-end line.
  4. 3 phyla of nonvascular plants
    -division hepatophyta

    -division Anthocerotophyta

    -division Bryophyta
  5. Hepatophyta

    • A) ribbon like, flattened
    • -thallus: plant body

    • B) leafy
    • -looks more like a moss
  6. Archegomophores
    male reproductive.

    umbrella like
  7. Antheridiosphores
    -female reproductive

    -palm tree like
  8. Anthocerotophyta
  9. Bryophyta


    -largest group
  10. characteristics of phylum bryophyta mosses (8)
    • -eukaryotic
    • -multicellular
    • -phtosynthetic
    • -embryo and zygote both inside jacket
    • -nonvascular
    • -no true organs
    • -requires water for part of life cycle
    • -land plants
  11. (characteristics) embryo and zygote
    -inside protective jacket of cells
  12. (characteristics) Nonvascular
    a) no xylem or phloem ( some have modified conducting cells)

    b)no conduction

    c) lack support from xylem cells
  13. (characteristics) no true organs
    a) no leaf, stem, or roots

    • b) instead of roots, Rhizoids
    • -small thread like
    • -anchorage

    ***** real leaves and stems have veins/vascular tissue
  14. (characteristics) Requires water for part of lif cycle
    a) most need a wet environment, bc they are nonvascular

    b) sperm swims to egg in fertilization
  15. (characteristics) land plants
    a) first plants to evolve on land

    b) dead-end line of evolution
  16. (moss) gametophyte generation alternations
    a) egg and sperm

    b) gametophyte plant

    c) Archegonian

    d) antheridium

    e) protonema
  17. (gametphyte alternations) egg and sperm
    female and male reproductive
  18. (gametphyte alternations) gametophyte plant
    larger part of moss

    -green and its photosynthetic
  19. (gametphyte alternations) Archegonium
    female producing cellImage Upload 1
  20. (gametphyte alternations) Antheridium
    -male producing egg

    -located on the gametophytes

    -jacket of cells surrounding the egg or sperm
  21. (gametphyte alternations) protonema
    -grows from spores

    -looks like a filamentoud, green algae
  22. which of the generation is most dominant in mosses?
  23. Sporophyte generation alternations

    a) zygote and embryo

    b) sporophyte plant
  24. (sporophyte alternation) zygote and embryo
    -formed by sperm swimming and fertilized egg

    -remains inside archegonium
  25. (gametphyte alternations) Sporophyte plant
    -dependent grows on gametophyte

    -not green or photosynthetic
  26. (gametphyte alternations) Seta
  27. (gametphyte alternations) Peristomes
  28. (gametphyte alternations) Operculum
  29. (gametphyte alternations) Calyptra
    may not be present.

    top most part of sporophyte
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