US History Test 3

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  1. Election of 1920
    • Deomocrat - James M. Cox, VP was FDR
    • Republican - Warren G. Harding, VP Calvin Coolidge
    • Socialist - Eugene V. Debs
    • Harding said the country wants to "return to normalcy". His wife was Florence Harding and she was very much involved in his public life. harding had lots of affairs and bastard children. Harding had one thing going for him; he looked like a president.
    • Debs runs from a jail cell.
    • Harding wins by a landslide.
  2. "Ohio Gang"
    Group of friends, he appointed to federal positions. Some actually rented or bought a big house in Washington and treated it like a frat house. This is where Harding had his whiskey shipped too.
  3. Justice Department Scandal
    Attorney Gerneral, Harry Daugherty. This guy sells to criminals pardons and paroles. He sold immunities. His middle man actually commits suicide.
  4. Veterans' Bureau Scandal
    This handled vetran's affairs. Big governement agency for vetrans. Florence took an important role in this. The head of this appointed by Harding was corrupt. He goes to jail.
  5. Teapot Dome Scandal
    • This was an area in Wyoming called Teapot Dome. Underneath it is supposed to be an oil reserve and is kept there for the navy. This is a navy oil reserve.
    • The secretary of interior, Albert Fall, he wanted Harding to allow him to make teapot dome his responsibility. He does and Fall starts illegally selling the oil. Fall eventually goes to jail; he is the first cabinet officer to go to jail.
    • The Harding's were going to go to Alaska because they had always wanted to. They went on the trip and come back and are at a hotel in San Fran. Harding is sick and eventually dies. Rumors spread that he committed suicide, or that Florence killed him. Coolidge becomes president. It's only after his death that all of the Scandals above start to come into the light.
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