Child studies

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  1. What does FAS stand for?
    Fetal Alcohol Sydrome
  2. What does SIDS stand for?
    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  3. What is a glucose tolerance test?
    A test to see if someone has dibetes.
  4. What is an apgar test?
    A quick assessment for the baby's physical conditions like respiration ,reflex and muscle tone.
  5. What is a screening test?
    A test to check the baby's hearing and eyes.
  6. Why is bonding important?
    It's important to develope an attatchment between the baby and the parents
  7. What is colostrum?
    It's a clear thick liquid , heigh protein, high calories and pre-milk.
  8. What is jaundice?
    It'a when the baby's skin and eyes look yellow as a result of a toxin bilirubin is not metabolized by the young liver. Can be cured by sunlight or a special light.
  9. What is a Lactation consultant?
    A professional that helps with machanics of breast feeding.
  10. What are fetal monitors used for?
    To see how the baby is doing.
  11. How is an epidural administrated?
    By a needle in the back.
  12. Why is walking recommended to the first mother in labour?
    To help speed up the labour.
  13. What is toxoplasmosis?
    It's an infection caused by a parasite.
  14. During pregnancy a woman should gain how much weight if she is already a normal weight?
    24-30 pounds.
  15. What are some symptoms of pregnancy?
    • Cravings
    • Morning sickness
    • Tender breasts
    • Moodiness
    • Sore feet
    • Etc..
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