Aseptic Technique

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  1. Which organism is not associated with wound infection?
    Treponema pallidum
  2. "Strike-through" is used aseptically to describe:
    Soaking of moisture from unsterile to sterile layers
  3. The most common nosocomial infection are:
    Urinary infections with catheter use
  4. A urinary tract infection following a cystoscopy is an example of a:
    Nosocomial infection
  5. What is the correct procedure to follow when a sterile metal graduate is opened & water droplets are on the inside?
    Discard the pitcher, it is contaminated
  6. When opening a sterile wrapper the unsterile person should first open the:
    Corner farthest from the body
  7. Inanimate particles that can be vectors for infection are called:
  8. Nosocomial refers to:
    Hospital acquired infection
  9. A patient who underwent a bronchoscopy is diagnosed with a Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, which is traced to this type of infection?
  10. The body's first line of defense against infection is:
    Intact skin
  11. Which of the following terms refers to the level of honesty & integrity that every surgical technologist must uphold in the delivery of quality patient care?
    Surgical conscience
  12. For aseptic purposes, covering a sterile table for later use is:
    Not permissible in any circumstance
  13. The most frequent means by which infections are spread are:
    Direct contact with infected person
  14. The purposeof the surgical hand scrub is to:
    Reduce the number of microorganisms
  15. Which action would not be taken following a needlestick?
    Prevent bleeding
  16. Which of the following statements is correct?
    Once sterile drapes have been positioned, they should not be removed
  17. What pathogen is most commonly associated with surgical wound infections?
    Staphylococcus aureus
  18. A towel clip is used on the sterile field to keep a drape in place but is removed by the surgeon. How should the surgical technologist handle the towel clip?
    Handed off the field to the circulator
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