Deaf Perspectives Exam 2

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  1. Impact on Parents:
    • -most parents don't think deafness at first
    • -many deaf cases are diagnosed as mentally retarded or autistic
    • -a deaf child may have many similar symptoms of autism
    • -most deaf parents don't care (as long as the child is healthy), but some deaf parents are disappointed at having a deaf child
    • -if there is no history of deafness in the family, then parents won't look for it
  2. Stages towards acceptance: Doctor tells parent, “Your child is deaf.”
    • Denial: deny what has happened
    • Rationalization: start making excuses to discredit the reality
    • Shock: the fact hits you; emotions like anger, grief, guilt, helplessness, bargaining, disbelief happen
    • Acceptance: accept the fact of reality, look for options
    • *some parents look for a second opinion to make sure (“Doctor Hunting”)
  3. Impact on Child - Communication within family:
    very important for both sides to fully understand (especially the WHY); mother is usually the one who learns sign language and becomes the most educated of deafness
  4. Impact on child - father's role:
    very few know how to communicate in sign language well enough; would have been very active had the child(ren) been hearing
  5. Impact on child - siblings:
    should be treated fairly and equally with the hearing kids; usually learn to communicate, but it's mostly gestures. They usually don't accept it and they get in fights, but they will learn signs if they are close
  6. Impact on child - extended family:
    rarely do they learn to sign, mostly communication is limited in quantity
  7. Options:
    • -oral
    • -signing
    • -live at home
    • -residential school
    • -hearing aids
    • -cochlear implants
  8. How some parents treat their child(ren):
    • -overprotective
    • -lax (flexible, spoiling the child(ren), lack of communication)
    • -normal: balance of the two above
  9. Some issues that come up:
    • -misdiagnosis
    • -lack of options
    • -family members acceptance
    • -impact on relationship
    • -understanding of what's happening
    • -turning points–changes in options
    • -acceptance
  10. John Tracy Clinic:
    • -established by Spencer Tracy and his wife for their deaf son (John) because they weren't satisfied with the programs existing
    • -oral day school, has parent program
  11. Tripod:
    total communication version of John Tracy Clinic
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