Mgt304 Ch15

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  1. Organizational (Corporate) Culture
    •A system of shared beliefs, expectations & core values of people in organization. These characteristics distinguish the organization from other organizations.

    •Basically the unique “personality” of an organization

    •‘How we do things around here’ – the essence of organizational culture.
  2. External Adaptation
    • –Knowing ways of reaching goals.
    • –Knowing the tasks and methods to achieve goals.
    • –Methods of coping with success and failure.
  3. •Internal integration
    • –The creation of a collective identity.
    • –Finding ways of working and living together.
  4. Ezxternal Adaptation Questions
    • What is the Real Mission?
    • How can we contribute?
    • What are our goals and how do we reach them?
    • What external forces are important?
    • How do we measure results?
    • What do we do if specific targets are not met?
    • How do we tell others how good we are?
    • How will we know when to quit?
  5. Internal integration questions:
    • –What is our unique identity?
    • –How do we view the world?
    • –Who is a member?
    • –How do we allocate power, status, and authority?
    • –How do we communicate?
    • –What is the basis for friendship?
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