CNA Class Module 2

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  1. Alimentary Canal
    The digestive system
  2. NPO
    Nothing by mouth
  3. PO
    Oral, by mouth
  4. Gastrointestinal System
    The digestive organs
  5. Jejunum
    The middle section of the small intestine
  6. Dysphagia
    Difficulty in swallowing
  7. Peristalsis
    The muscular movement of the GI tract
  8. Gastrostomy
    A surgical opening into the stomach
  9. Musculoskeletal
    Pertaining to the muscles, bones, joints
  10. Urinary Meatus
    The external body opening for urination
  11. Dysuria
    Painful urination
  12. Hematuria
    Blood in the urine
  13. Renal Calculi
    Kidney stones
  14. End Stage Renal Disease
    Kidney failure
  15. Dialysis
    The process of filtering wastes from the blood, treatment for kidney failure
  16. Flatus
  17. Fecal Impaction
    Hard mass of stool in the rectum
  18. Enema
    The injection of fluid in the rectum to stimulate defecation
  19. Stoma
    The opening of an ostomy
  20. Colostomy
    A surgical opening into the large intestine
  21. Ligaments
    Fibrous bands which connect bone to bone
  22. Tendons
    Elastic bands which connect muscle to bone
  23. Joint
    Point where two bones meet
  24. Hydration
    Providing adequate fluid intake
  25. Contracture
    Shortening of a muscle which bends joints into abnormal positions
  26. Atrophy
    Wasting, decrease in size
  27. Void
    To urinate
  28. Micturition
    The process of urinating
  29. Urethra
    A passageway for urine from the bladder to the outside of the body
  30. Ileostomy
    A surgical opening into the small intestine
  31. Urostomy
    A surgical opening into the ureters
  32. Urinalysis (UA)
    A microscopic examination of the urine
  33. Indwelling Catheter
    A urinary drainage tube which stays in the bladder- A Foley Catheter
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