HST 163 Ch 11 Terms

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  1. traditional exports
    • silver
    • sugar
    • tobacco
    • cacao
    • coffee
  2. industrial commodities
    • copper
    • nitrate
    • lead
    • tin
    • cotton
    • henequen
    • wool
  3. agricultural commodities
    • wheat
    • beef (canned of chilled)
    • mutton
    • bananas
  4. railroads in latin america
    • backbone of export economy
    • created nationalism and destroyed regionalism
    • created national markets and enabled gov to spread authority
    • also was highly disliked
    • staple food growers were forced off of their land causing food prices to go up
    • created a landless class of poor rural people
  5. professional militaries
    • upper classes sought to modernize and professionalize the armed services
    • imported European consultants to do this
    • this took place during a time of peace
  6. oligarchies in argentina and brazil
    • ranchers and planters came to power and openly used the government to support there own causes
    • the Radical Party challenged the rule of the landowners and began revolts
  7. oligarchy in peru
    • aristocratic republic - Peru experienced an era of relative peace and stability
    • 30 - 40 families consisting of large landowners and business people tied closely to the export sector made up Peruvian politics
  8. oligarchy in Mexico
    • oligarchical dictator - General Porfirio Diaz
    • ruled by paying off the upper class
    • however when economic down turn occurred the upper class decided to use this opportunity to free themselves from his rule
    • he eventually returned to power and was later outed
  9. the Mexican Revolution
    • 1910 - 1920
    • multiple classes joined together against the rising up of Diaz supporters who has put Huerta in power
    • after many years, Carranza emerged victorious
    • later he was overthrown by Obregon
    • Zapata and Villa continued gorilla warfare until 1919 and 1920
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