UE Nerves

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UE Nerves
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UE Nerves

UE Nerves
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  1. Muscles Innervated by Radial n. in axilla
    Long head of triceps
  2. Muscles innervated by radial n. in radial groove
    • lateral and medial heads of triceps
    • anconeus
    • brachioradialis
    • extensor carpi radialis longus
    • cutaneous branch for posterior brachium and antebrachium
  3. Radial Tunnel
    • Between the end of ECRB and beginning of supinator
    • Site of radial n. division
    • Ends at the Arcade of Frohse (fibrous arch of supinator)
  4. Superficial Radial n.
    • Deep to brachioradialis
    • Exits posterior to brachioradialis to innervate skin of lateral 2/3 of dorsum of hand, except fingertips
  5. Deep Radial n.
    • Pierces Supinator - goes under Arcade of Frohse (fibrous tissue on superior edge of supinator)
    • Innervates ECRB
  6. Posterior Interosseous n. (C7–C8)
    • Distal to supinator
    • Innervates:
    • ED
    • EDM
    • ECU
    • EPL
    • EPB
    • APL
    • Extensor indicis
  7. Ligament of Struthers
    • Connects medial epicondyle to medial supracondylar ridge
    • Acts as retinaculum for median n.
  8. Laceratus Fibrosus
    • = bicipital aponeurosis
    • median n. passes under
  9. Anterior Interosseous n.
    • Deep to FDP
    • Innervates:
    • Lateral half of FDP
    • Pronator Quadratus
    • FPL
  10. Arcade of Struthers
    Medial head of triceps to meadial intermuscular septum
  11. Cubital Tunnel
    • Behind medial epicondyle of humerus
    • Ulnar nerve passes through
    • Arcuate ligament (fibrous tendons of FCU) forms roof
    • MCL/UCL forms the floor
  12. Ulnar nerve innervation in antebrachium
    • FCU
    • medial half of FDP