Accounting Mod10

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  1. consolidated financial statement
    financial statements that present assets and liabilities controlled by the parent company, and total profitibilty of the combined companies
  2. cost method
    equity investments recorded at cost, revenue only recongised when cash dividends received
  3. equity method
    investment in common shares initally recorded at cost. investment account adjusted annually to show equity in the investee
  4. held to maturity securities
    reported at amortized cost on balance sheet
  5. passive investment
    purchased to generate investment income
  6. realized gain or loss
    difference between marekt value and cost when investment actually sold
  7. transaction costs, such as brokerage fees, are expensed for non-strategic investments that were purchased as:
    trading investments
  8. A non-strategic investment made for the purpose of earning interest
    is recorded at amortized cost
  9. Discontinued operations
    disposal of identifiable part of a business,

    value less tax payable is deducted
  10. earning power
    net income adjusted for irrecgular or atypical items
  11. horizontal analysis
    analysis over a period of time
  12. vertical analysis
    analysis within a period
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