Mental Health

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  1. What is the definition of elder abuse?
    the abuse, neglect, or victimization of an older person who is under the care of another person
  2. What are some types of elder abuse?
    • Physical and/or sexual
    • Psychological
    • Financial exploitation
    • Neglect includes the denial of medical treatment or ignoring basic care issues due to ignorance or inability to provide care.
  3. Who is usually a victim of elder abuse?
    • > 75 years 60-65% are female
    • More at risk if suffering multiple chronic problems
    • Increased dependence=increased vulnerability
    • Increased dependence accounts for much of under-reporting
    • Family very dependent on elder financially
  4. What are some physical indicators of elder abuse?
    • Unexplained injuries—bruises, fractures
    • “Doctor hopping”
    • Reluctance to seek care
    • Elder is fearful in presence of family or caretaker
    • Evidence of over or under-medication
    • Multiple injuries in various stages of healing
    • “Grip-marks” bilateral on upper arms
  5. What are some psycological clues that an elder is being abused?
    • Helpless or fearful
    • Fails to talk openly
    • Withdrawn
    • Depressed
    • Angry or agitated
  6. What are some financial indicator that would determine abuse of an elderly person?
    • Suspicious activities related to banking, pension checks, will, and/or power of attorney
    • Missing valuables
    • Lacking small items such as television, clothes, telephone, etc.
    • Caregiver expresses concern over costs of services
  7. What are some signs of neglect of an elderly?
    • Dirt, fecal, or urine smell
    • Rashes, “sores”, lice
    • Untreated medical condition(s)
    • Dehydration or malnourishment
    • Inadequate clothing, basic necessities
    • Pressure sores
  8. What is self neglect?
    • where the elder fails to care for themselves
    • Failure to manage money and resources
    • Can’t perform activities of daily living
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