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  1. Lt. Governor
    • -4 year term
    • -most powerful person in the state
    • -presides over senate
    • -appoints all committee members
    • -chairs the lbb
    • -takes over if governor dies, resigns, or is removed from office
    • -acting governor if real governor is out of state
  2. attorney general
    • -chief legal officer for state
    • -4 year term
    • -defends the state in trial/ when getting sued or sueing
    • -his jurisdiction is civil not criminal jurisdiction
    • -provides advisory opinions to state agencies
    • -in charge of inforcing open meetings act and open records act
  3. rail road commission
    • -3 member board
    • -6 year terms, staggered
    • -primary duties are oil/gas production
    • -intrastate trucking
  4. agricultural commissioner
    • -4 year term
    • -have to be a practicing farmer
    • -inforce consumer protection laws
    • -promote tx agricultural products
    • -incharge of weight and measures
  5. comptroller
    • -4 year term
    • -chief budget officer, tax collector, tax enforcer, and treasurer
    • -estimates the amount of money that will be made over the next 2 years
    • -has to sign off on budget
    • -4 year term
    • -incharge of sales tax/ inforcing sales tax laws
    • -puts money where it gathers interest
  6. land commisssioner
    • -4 year term
    • -incharge of texas public lands
    • -lease out public lands, takes money and supports public universities
    • -veterans land program: low interest loans for vets
    • -have a plan incase of an enviromental disaster
  7. secretary of state
    • -not elected; appointed by governor
    • -4 year term
    • -state's chief election officer
    • -keeping the state's seal
    • -granting charters
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