essay 1 government

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  1. qualifications
    • -30 year old
    • -live in state for 5 years
    • -u.s. citizen
    • -qualified voter
  2. unofficial qualifications
    • -white
    • -male
    • -protestant
    • -married
    • -rich
  3. terms of office
    • -4 year term
    • -unlimited terms
    • -can be removed by process of impeachment and trial by senate
  4. pay
    • 150,000
    • governors mansion
    • decent retirement
  5. powers of the governor
    mueller scale: ranks governor by their powers; texas bottom 30%
  6. message power
    can set the agenda, state of the state adress which is given before the session opens ; he states what he wants done and what he doesn't want done
  7. call special session
    lasts a max of 30 days; governor sets agenda
  8. lobby
    governor persuades/ threatens both senators and house reps
  9. veto power
    one of the strongest veto powers in the nation
  10. general veto
    governor veto's the bill and reps have the chance to override the bill with 2/3 vote
  11. threat of veto
    can threaten to veto a law
  12. post ajurnment
    legislature sends bills to governor @ the last minute once they leave the governor has 20 days to act on it and if he veto's it they can't override b/c they are gone
  13. line item veto
    allwos the governor to veto a specific line of an appropriation bill
  14. executive powers
    • -appoint/ removal powers
    • -appoints members to over 200 boards/ commissions in texas
    • -appoints you for 6 years with approval of senate
    • -may not remove appointeees from another governor
    • -can remove his own appointees only if the senate approves
    • -appoint people to fill vacancy if senate approves
  15. budgetary powers
    • -creates a budget to give to the lbb
    • -line item veto is his primary budgetary power
  16. military powers
    can declare marshall law and can call the national guard for emergencies
  17. judicial powers
    • -can appoint judges when there is a vacancy
    • -can unilateraly grant one 30 day reprieve in death penalty cases for each prisoner
    • -can comute a sentence only on the recommendation of the board of pardon's and parolls
    • -can pardon people with p and p's
  18. informal roles
    • -leader of his party
    • -congressional liason
    • -promotes economic development
    • -international ambassador
  19. his staff
    200 people a little less or little more depends on time
  20. formal powers
    power of the governor that is in the constitution
  21. informal powers
    not in constitution but governor threatens
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