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  1. Abacus
    an ancient counting device
  2. Abstain
    do without voluntarily, to refrain from or to restrain from doing something
  3. Acrophobia
    fear of heights
  4. Advocate
    argue a certian point of view, offer support
  5. Aerie
    a man-made habitat for birds
  6. Aficiando
    an enthusiast
  7. Agile
    moves easily like an athlete, nimble
  8. Alchemist
    an early practitioner of chemistry
  9. Alchemy
    early chemistry
  10. Allergy
    extreme sensitivity to a particular substance
  11. Alliteration
    repitition of the same first letter or sound in a line of poetry
  12. Altercation
    a dispute that has gotten out of hand
  13. Anecdote
    short account of an interesting incident or event
  14. Anvil
    hard metal surface upon which a blacksmith hammers
  15. Arbiter (or Abitrator)
    one who settles a dispute, one who mediates
  16. Arouse
    awaken, sir to action, excite
  17. Article
    an essay usually appearing in a newspaper or a magazine, note that an editorial is an example of an article
  18. Astrologer
    person who claims to interpret the influence of the stars on events and persons
  19. Astronomer
    one who studies astronomy
  20. Astronomy
    science that studies the motion of celestial bodies
  21. Atlas
    a book of maps
  22. Ballad
    a story, note that a drama is a type of ballad
  23. Banal
    commonplace, trite
  24. Boulder
    a very large stone
  25. Bovine
    of or like a cow or an ox
  26. Burdensome
    heavy to bear, oppresive
  27. Caliper
    instrument used in measuring thickness
  28. Calligraphy
    handwriting, especially exceptional handwriting
  29. Calligrapher
    a handwriting expert
  30. Campaign
    series of related military operations
  31. Cartilage
    the tough elastic material that forms part of the skeletal structure
  32. Cartography
    the making of maps or charts
  33. Cartographer
    one who makes maps or charts
  34. Cascade
    the tumbling flow of water as in a waterfall
  35. Century
    one hundred years
  36. Chimes
    sets of tuned bells, the sounds that tuned bells make
  37. Cholesterol
    a constituent of animal fats that is important in metabolism; steroids are a class of this
  38. Coarse
    rough to the touch; opposite of silky
  39. Cobbler
    a shoemaker
  40. Collonades
    strong columns that serve as support for some building or structure
  41. Combine
    may refer to a machine used to harvest crops
  42. Commendable
    worthy of praise
  43. Conductor
    one who directs (especially of an orchestra)
  44. Convivial
    fond of socializing with friends
  45. Cornucopia
    a horn shaped container that, when filled, symbolizes plenty
  46. Cottage
    a small house
  47. Credulous
    extremesly naive or gullible
  48. Curator
    caretaker (especially of a museum)
  49. Decibel
    a unit that is used to measure the intensity of sound
  50. Diatribe
    a bitter outburst aimed at a person or an idea
  51. Discreet
    careful and sensible in speech an action, to avoid causing offense, wary, cautious
  52. Dispute
    disagreement, argument
  53. Dogmatic
    positive in one's opinion, overbearingly certain
  54. Dormant
    inactive, quiet as if asleep
  55. Drought
    a long period of dry (rainless) weather
  56. Ebb
    fade, lessen, weaken
  57. Emblem
    a visible symbol such as a flag
  58. Endeavors
    attempts at, tries for
  59. Engraving
    an artistic carving; a form of printing
  60. Enterprise
    an undertaking or project
  61. Enthusiast
    person who is carried away by his feelings for a cause
  62. Epicure
    a person with a refined taste in eating and drinking
  63. Epicurean
    one who is found of pleasure (sex) and luxury
  64. Epilogue
    a concluding statement
  65. Epitaph
    a short statement said in memory of a dead person; often apears on a tombstone
  66. Equine
    of or pertaining to horses
  67. Erratic
    wildly inconsistent
  68. Expand
    inrease in size; opposite of reduce
  69. Facade
    the decorative front of a building
  70. Facet
    a division (cut) of a diamond just as a period is a division of an era
  71. Fallow
    uncultivated, inactive field
  72. Famine
    a period of extreme lack of food; might be caused by drought
  73. Feline
    of or like a cat
  74. Flimsy
    very light; lacking substance; not thick
  75. Foreman
    one who is in charge
  76. Frank
    honest, straight-forward
  77. Gaudy
    showy but cheap, flashy
  78. Generic
    having to do with a class (grouping) in general
  79. Geyster
    a fissure in the ground that spews water
  80. Gorged
    consumed to excess, overeat
  81. Gorgeous
    very pretty (beautiful)
  82. Gourmet
    a person who is an expert in judging, choosing, and preparing fine foods
  83. Hangar
    building in which airplanes are kept
  84. Holster
    pocket for a gun or pistol
  85. Hue
    a certain shade of color
  86. Humidor
    a container for cigars
  87. Imbue
    fill (especially with moisture or color), inspire
  88. Impassive
    without feeling or emotion
  89. Impede
    hinder or halt some movement
  90. Impel
    thrust forward, the opposite of impede
  91. Imperative
    an absolute necessity, a requisite
  92. Impoverish
    make poor, opposite of prosper
  93. Insatiable
    a hunger that cannot be satisfied
  94. Irrigation
    man made canals used to bring water to dry land
  95. Inept
    lacking skill
  96. Landlord
    property owner who rents said property to others
  97. Latex
    an important product made from rubber
  98. Laud
    praise; opposite of criticize
  99. Lumen
    a unit that is used to measure the intensity of light
  100. Languish
    diminish, weaken
  101. Mammal
    a vertebrate animal that gives milk to its young
  102. Mammoth
    a large, extinct mammal; an ancestor of the elephant
  103. Mandrill
    a type of monkey
  104. Manifest
    a list of passengers for a plane or ship
  105. Marsupial
    an animal that carries its young in a pouch; note that a kangaroo is an example
  106. Metaphysic
    one who studies philosophy
  107. Metropolis
    a large city
  108. Minute
    very tiny
  109. Miser
    one who is very cheap, a stingy person
  110. Naivete
    the tendency to be easiy duped or overly innocent
  111. Nosegay
    a bouquet of flowers
  112. Numismatics
    the study of coins and medals
  113. Numismatic
    one involved in the study of coins or medals
  114. Odometer
    instrument used to measure the distance travelled
  115. Osteopathy
    treatment of disease by manipulation of the bones
  116. Oxymoron
    a phrase that contains an obvious contradiction
  117. Palette
    thin board upon which colors are mixed by a painter
  118. Pane
    a plate of glass that is a component of a window
  119. Panorama
    a wide expansive view
  120. Pantry
    a storage area for food
  121. Paraffin
    wax-like substance used for making candles
  122. Parasite
    animal (or person) that lives on (or off) another animal (or person)
  123. Pattern
    arrangement of forms and colors, design; a dress would be made to a pattern
  124. Pebble
    a small stone
  125. Pedestrian
    one who walks rather than drives
  126. Penurious
    singry, unwilling to spend money, extremely poor
  127. Philatelist
    one who collects stamps
  128. Physiognomy
    facial features
  129. Piscine
    pertaining to fish
  130. Pitch
    degree of highness or lowness of sound
  131. Pituitary
    gland that secrets hormones
  132. Placid
    calm, undistrubed
  133. Plankton
    tiny creatures found in an ocean or sea
  134. Porcine
    of or like pigs (hogs)
  135. Pragmatist
    one who gauges value by practial consquences
  136. Precipitation
    process of the formation of a less mobile state from a more mobile state; or a state of sudden haste
  137. Precipitate
    the resultant of precipitation; note that snow is an example of this
  138. Produce
    cean mean the vegetables sold by a grocer
  139. Profound
    very deep, not ordinary; the opposite of banal
  140. Prologue
    any introductory (preliminary) act or event
  141. Prudent
    sensible, discreet, wisely cautious
  142. Pundit
    one known for the rendering of opinions
  143. Pyrophobia
    fear of fire
  144. Raconteur
    a skilled teller of stories (ancedotes)
  145. Recipe
    a set of directions for preparing something (expcially something to eat)
  146. Reclusive
    tending to withdraw from the company of others
  147. Referee
    a judge to the play in games an sports
  148. Reflective
    easy to see through, clear (like a windowpane)
  149. Reflexive
    a personal adjective; an example is found in "The boy hurt himself." In this, himself is a reflexive adjective.
  150. Reign
    the time period an autocrat (emperor) rules
  151. Relativist
    one who judges things by their comparative value; a type of pragmatist
  152. Sapling
    a young tree
  153. Satellite
    a small planet that revolves around a larger planet
  154. Score
    one-fifth of a century (twenty years)
  155. Sensualist
    one who is found of pleasure (sex), a modern epicurean
  156. Shutter
    a device that opens and closes in front of the cleans of a camera
  157. Sibling
    a brother or a sister
  158. Skyscraper
    an extraordinarily tall building
  159. Slothful
    lazy, indolent, not industrious
  160. Snore
    loud breathing that occurs during sleep
  161. Spoke
    that part of a wheel that connects the center of the wheel to its rim
  162. Spouse
    mate, husband or wife in a marriage
  163. Stable
    building in which animals (especially horses) are kept
  164. Stolid
    impassive, showing no emotion
  165. Tactics
    the specific steps taken to execute a strategy
  166. Tenant
    one who rents a property
  167. Term
    the time period an elected offical is in office
  168. Thesaurus
    a type of dictionary
  169. Thicket
    very close growth of shrubs or bushes
  170. Thrash
    beat; wheat is ____ so as to separate the grain
  171. Tic
    small parasite of the skin often contracted in a forest
  172. Tiny
    very small
  173. Tolerant
    accepting of other's opinions, forbearing; opposite of bigoted or dogmatic
  174. Trowel
    a tool used by a bricklayer to spread mortar
  175. Unquenchable
    usually refers to a thirst that cannot be satisfied
  176. Vassal
    tenant of a lord, servant, follower, slave
  177. Verse
    the component lines of a poem
  178. Village
    small community (smaller than a town)
  179. Virtuous
    exhibiting high moral excellence
  180. Wary
    very cautious, alert, watchful
  181. Zealot
    a fanatic, an extreme enthusiast
  182. craven
    no courage, cowardly
  183. impotent
    no power, helpless, no action, weak
  184. doctile
    no promotion, anonymous
  185. revernt
    showing deep respect
  186. catigated
  187. exonerated
    • 1. release from accusation, free from guilt
    • 2. relieve from duty or task 
  188. demure
    modest and shy
  189. lugubrious
    look sad
  190. raucous
    inducing loud noise
  191. pedantic
    concerned with minor details, meticulous
  192. arduous
    difficult and tiring, requires a lot of effort
  193. consternation
    feeling anxiety or dismay, freight, terror
  194. felicity
    extreme happiness
  195. incredulity
    unwilling to believe something
  196. mendacity
    not truth, lying
  197. avarice
  198. surreptitious
    keep secret
  199. obsequious
    obedient, attentive
  200. servility
  201. superfluous
    unnecessarily, redundant, surplus
  202. profound
    intense, great, deep
  203. superficiality
    no deep knowledge, thought or feeling
  204. allay
    rid of fear, suspicion or worry
  205. slake
    quench or satisify thrist
  206. impecunious
    have no money
  207. hovel
    small bad dwelling
  208. disparage
    respresent with little reguard
  209. peal
    loud ringing of bells
  210. reprieve
    to cancel or postpone punishment
  211. moratorium
  212. contempt
    feeling someone is beneath you, worthless
  213. perfunctory
    carried out little effort or reflection, superficial, skin-deep
  214. ostentatioius
    vulgar and pretentious display
  215. bigoted
    to be intolerant, to think ones self is absolutely correct
  216. listlessness
    lack of energy and interest
  217. solemnity
    to be serious
  218. approbation
    to approve, to praise, to endorse
  219. jeer
    to be rude and mocking
  220. derision
    rudness, mockery, jeer, ridicule
  221. ostensibly
    apparently, perhaps, seemingly
  222. foibles
    weakness in character
  223. bristle
    to be angry
  224. euphony
    good sound
  225. cacophony
    bad sound
  226. ephemeral
    short lived, tansient, momentary
  227. abstemious
    not self-indulgent, abstinent, temperate, self-restaint
  228. ascetic
    severe self-discipline, abstain from indulgence, extreme abstemioiusness
  229. libertine
    disreguard for morality, extreme unrestraint 
  230. laconic
    using very few words, bief, succinct, terse, curt
  231. prate
    talk about, chatter, prattle, babble
  232. cogent
    clear, loigical, convincing, potent, persuasive
  233. abstruse
    difficult to understand, obscure, uncertain, little known information
  234. dearth
    scarcity, lack of, shortage, deficiency
  235. ameliorate
    make better, improve, mend, amend, meliorate
  236. culpable
    deserving blame, guilty, deliquent
  237. censure
    condemn, blame, denounce, criticize
  238. meritoious
    deserving reward, priseworthy, creditable, laudable
  239. cloying
    disgust someone with excessive sweetness, richness, sentiment 
  240. contumacious
    stubbornly disobedint, obstinate
  241. pare
    trim, peel off outter skin, peel, prune
  242. encomium
    writing that prasises someone, eulogy, commenation (reward involving praise)  
  243. conglomeration
    to gather, accumulate
  244. taciturn
    reserved, uncommunicative, silent
  245. effusive
    expressing positive feelings
  246. acerbic
    taste sour or bitter, sharp or harsh speech style
  247. hackneyed
    lacking signifiance because over used, trite, banal
  248. aphorism 
    observaion of the truth
  249. turgid
    swollen, congested, pompous (grand and self-important), bloated
  250. perennial
    lasting or existing or long time, eternal, perpetual
  251. sagacious
    wise, insightul, perceptive, sage
  252. lucid
    expessed clearly, pellucid (easy to understand)
  253. inerrant
    no error, incapable of being wrong
  254. euphemism
    expresssing something not nice, nicely. 
  255. apathy
    lack of interest, indifferent
  256. antipathy
    deep dislike for something, aversion, repugnance, enmity (deeply opposed to)
  257. ennui
    listnessness, boredum, dullness tedium
  258. stupendous
    extremely impressive, prodigious, wonderful, amazing
  259. avocation
    hobby, minor occupation
  260. respite
    delay, postpone, rest from something difficult
  261. epithet
    hostile, contempt, abuse, insult
  262. tautologous
    redundant, reptitive, saying same thing twice in different wording
  263. incongruous
    not in harmony, impoper, unsuitable, inept
  264. apt
    appropriate, sutiable, fit, proper, 
  265. adventitious
    incidental, fortuitous, coincidntal, extrinsic, not innate
  266. inherent
    innate, inborn, intrinsic, native
  267. facile
    with ease, easily done
  268. onerous
    difficult, burdensome amount of effort, laborious
  269. asinine
    stupid, foolish
  270. fatuous
    silly, pointless, goofy, witless, idiotic 
  271. sagacious
    good judgement, wise, astute (ability to assss situations), clever, sage, shrewd (sharp judgement)
  272. fealty
    sworn to loyalty to a lord
  273. beatific
    blissully happy, blessed
  274. bilious
    • 1. peevish, irritable, cranky
    • 2. unpleasant, distastefu
    • 3. associated with nausea, vomiting, sickly
  275. neopotism
    • practice of giving favor to family or friends
    • (giving job to family members) 
  276. canaille
    common people, the masses, rabble (disordered crowd, mob)
  277. paucity
    shortage, scarcity, dearth, lack, deficiency
  278. sanative
    healing, to cure, to restore to health
  279. edifice
    • 1. a building, construction, house, structure
    • 2. system of beliefs 
  280. anachronism 
    out of chronological order
  281. peculation
    embezzlement, fraudulent appropriation of funds
  282. consonance
    agreeable, hormony, accord, concord, unison
  283. conscience
    inner feeling of beliefs, moral good
  284. contention
    heated disagreement, quarrel, strife, dispute 
  285. unctuous
    excessively flattering, oily, greasy 
  286. brusque
    abrupt in speech, rude, curt, harsh
  287. bomptious
    self-assertive, proud to an irritating degree, conceited, arrogant, cocky
  288. venial
    pardonable, excusable, forgivable, remissible
  289. peccadillo
    small relatively unimportant offense or sin
  290. ineffable
    too great to be expessed, unspeakable, inxpressible, unutterable
  291. prodigal
    spending money feely, lavish, spendthrift, wasteful, extavagant
  292. tarrying
    staying longer tan intended
  293. viands
    food, eatables, victual (food, provisions [supplying food])
  294. benevolence
    desire to do good, charitableness
  295. philantropy
    dsire to promote welfare of others, generous donations
  296. enmity
    actively opposed to, hostile, animosity, hatrid
  297. virulence
    extreme harmfulness, hostile
  298. amiability
    good humor, cheerful, sociable, friendly
  299. complaisant
    willing to please others, agreeable, polite
  300. recumbent
    lying down, reclining, prone (laying face down), supine (laying back down)
  301. propensity
    natural tendency to do something, inclination, tendency, proclivity
  302. factious
    group within a larer group 
  303. bellicose
    aggressive, warlike, combative, militant, pugnacious
  304. desultory
    • 1. lacking a plan
    • 2. going from one topic to another, incoherent, disconnected 
  305. fortuitous
    happen by accident, or by chance, lucky chance, accidental, random, incidental
  306. probity
    strong moral, honest, with integrity
  307. perfidy
    deceitfulness, untrustworthy, treachery, treason, betrayal
  308. abeyance
  309. predilection
    preference for, bias, partial towards
  310. coronet
    small crown
  311. lascivious
    lewd, lustful, lecherous, volumptioius, feeling sexual desire for
  312. licentious
    promiscuous, wanton (sexually immodest) 
  313. travesty
    distorted representation, parody, mockery, spoof, caricature
  314. pedantic
    like a pedant (someone concerned with minor details), meticulous
  315. dilatory
    slow to act, tardy, sluggish, intend to cause delay
  316. factitious
    artificial, false, unnatural
  317. proclivity
    strong inclination towards, tendency to choose something
  318. penchant
    habitual liking for something, preference for something, inclination, tendency for
  319. pleonasm
    use of more words than necessary to convey something, redundancy
  320. verbiage
    using lots of words in speech or writing
  321. indigested
    no order, unformed, shapless, no structure
  322. unconscientious
    not guided by sense of right and wrong
  323. voracious
    gluttonous, greedy, wanting or vouring great quanitites of food
  324. scrupulous
    diligent, thorough, attentive to detail, meticulous, percise
  325. invidious
    hateful, likely to arouse resentment or anger in others
  326. reconcile
    restore relations with, conciliate (stop being anry at someone), placate, pacify
  327. tractable
    easy to control, easy to influence, doctile, obedient, manageable
  328. biddable
    ready to follow instructions, obedient, doctile, tractable, submissive
  329. torpid
    inactive, numb, sluggish, inert, listless (lacking energy, enthusiasm)
  330. colloquial
    ordinary conversation
  331. deign
    do something beneath one dignity, condescend (do something like it's below them)
  332. berate
    scold, criticize, chide (rebuke, scold) , rebuke (disapproval)
  333. nefarious
    wicked, criminal, villian
  334. frailty
    to be weak, delicate, fagile, frail
  335. vice
    wicked or immoral behavior, defect, fault
  336. pernicious
    having harmful eect, baneful (very harmful)
  337. abyss
    deep, bottomless
  338. abject
    • 1. extremely bad, unpleasent, degrading
    • 2. miserable, mean, vile, wretche, dispicable 
  339. empathetic
    showing empathy, sympathy, understanding
  340. ingratiating
    intend to gain approval for, to gain favor
  341. abatement
    ending, reuction, lessening, decrease, diminishing
  342. heretic
    misbeliever, behaving in such a way contradicting to belief
  343. blasphemy
    profanity, act or offensive speaking
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