Cell Communication

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  1. Signal Transduction pathway
    process which a signal on cell's surface is converted to a specific cellular response
  2. Paracrine signaling
    Local signaling, one cell discharges molecules into the extracellular fluid around it.
  3. Synaptic signaling
    local signaling...nerve cell releases into the synapse (right by)
  4. Hormonal Signaling
    Long distance...hormone travels in bloodstream to target cells..all over body.
  5. Reception
    the cell's detection of a signaling molecule coming from outside the cell.
  6. Transduction
    the binding of the signaling molecule changes the receptor protein, this changes the signal to a form that can bring a cell response
  7. Response
    a specific cellular response for to a cell signal
  8. Ligand
    molecule that binds to another molecule, used in signaling
  9. Protein Kinase
    name for enzyme that transfers phosphate groups from ATP to a protein
  10. Protein Phosphatases
    enzymes that can rapidly remove phosphate groups from proteins
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