Cult. Lit. B1

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  1. Invertebrates
    animals without backbones
  2. Kingdom
    the largest of the divisons of living things.
  3. Linnaeus, Carolus
    A swedish biology of the eighteenth century.
  4. Lipids
    a group of organic molecules that includes fats, oils, and waxes
  5. Meiosis
    division of cells in which "daughter" cells are produced, each with half the genes of the parent
  6. Meristem
    The region on a plant where division of cell occurs
  7. Metabolism
    the total of the chemical reactions that maintain the life of a living thing
  8. Metamorphosis
    a change in an animal as it grows, particularly a radical change
  9. Microorganisms
    Organisms so small that they can be seen only through a microscope
  10. Missing Link
    a supposed animal midway in evolution between apes and humans
  11. Mitosis
    division of single cell into two identical "daughter" cells
  12. Molecular biology
    the branch of science devoted to studies of the structure, function, and reactions of DNA, RNA, proteins, and other molecules involved in life processes
  13. Mollusks
    a phylum of invertebrates with soft bodies and muscular
  14. Monera
    The kingdom of single-celled organisms
  15. Morphology
    The study of the structure of living things
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