Reading Ch. 6

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  1. Apparel
    (noun) the things worn by a person; clothing
  2. Appreciate
    • (verb) to see the worth or quality of
    • (verb) to increase in value
  3. Continuouos
    (adj) going on without stopping
  4. Dissolve
    • (verb) to make or become liquid
    • (verb) to bring or come to an end
  5. Domesticate
    • (verb) to bring plants or animals under human control
    • (adj.) Brought under human control;tamed or cultivated
  6. Emerge
    • (verb) to come into veiw;to appear
    • (verb) to become known
  7. Fiber
    • (noun) a thin part of an animal hair or plant tissue or something that resembles this
    • (noun) an arrangement of body cells that forms muscle or nerves
    • (noun) food that provides bulk but is not digested
  8. Function
    • (verb) to serve a purpose
    • (noun) the purpose something is used for
    • (noun) an important ceremony or gathering
  9. Hatch
    • (verb) to come or bring forth from an egg
    • (verb) to think of
    • (noun)a small opening with a door or cover
  10. Inhibit
    • (verb) to prevent from doing something
    • (adj.) held back because of shyness
  11. Minute
    (adj.) very small; tiny
  12. Motion
    • (noun) movement
    • (noun) a suggestion where members of a group vote
    • (verb) to signal
  13. Sheathe
    (verb) to cover with something that protects
  14. Shed
    • (verb) to lose
    • (verb)to flow
    • (verb) To throw off water
    • (verb) to send out
  15. Transfer
    • (verb) to move from one person to the other
    • (noun) a ticket used to transfer from a bus or train to another
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