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  1. What is Loess?
    A Yellowish brown soil
  2. What is a dike?
    A protective wall that holds back waters.
  3. What is an Extended Family?
    As many as 5 generations of a closely related family living together
  4. What is the North China Plain?
    The climate is very dry because of the monsoons that dont reach the North China Plain.
  5. What is the Huang He?
    It is the muddiest river and the 2nd longest river in the world. It is also called the yellow river because of loess. People call it, Chinas Sorrow
  6. What is the Chang Jiang River?
    It is called the Yangzi River and it is the longest river in the world.
  7. What's important about the geographic setting of Ancient China?
    Rivers were important to China as well as other landforms and climates.
  8. Why did the Chinese call themselves the Middle Kingdom?
    • All of the mountains, deserts and seas around China caused China to be isolated so they were not aware of any other countries and they thought they were in the center of the earth
  9. What impact did the rivers have on China?
    When the rivers flooded, they deposited loess on land. This is very good for crops so the Chinese always had enough to eat and the crops were healthy. But the waters did kill when they flooded.
  10. How did the Chinese protect themselves from floods?
    They built dikes around the river.
  11. What was important about the Shang Dynasty?
    They were the first known civilization in China. They also produced the first Chinese writing.
  12. Describe a traditional family in Ancient China.
    Traditional Families lived together. The oldest man usually decided most privleges and power. Family names were usually last name to first. People also had 2 names. One for family, the other for the individual. The family name came first
  13. What would be an example of how family was more important then the individual?
    The fact that the family name comes first in China.
  14. What is a Philosophy?
    A system of beliefs and values.
  15. What is a Civil Service?
    A group of people who carry out the work of the govt.
  16. Who is Confucius?
    He was the most famous and important of the early Chinese thinkers.
  17. What is Confuciunism?
    Teachings focused on persuading rulers to reform and to bring peace, prosperity and stability. His students gathered collections of his saying and that turned into Confuciunism
  18. How did Confusius's teachings influence the ancient Chinese?
    Exams for govt posts were based on confucius's teachings.
  19. What were Confucius's ideas about govt?
    He thought that is the govt behaved and set a good example, the people would follow
  20. What is Buddism and what is its focus?
    Buddhism is pain and suffering caused by greed and its focus is the way to enlightenment
  21. What is taoism and what is its focus?
    living in harmony with reality, the essence of nature. Its focus is based upon the teachings of Laozi.
  22. What is a Currency?
    A type of money.
  23. What is a Warlord?
    A leader of armed local bands
  24. Describe the terra-cotta soldiers.
    The terra-cotta soldiers were made out of a clay like material. They kept watch over Shi Huangdi for over 2,000 years.
  25. What is the Qin Dynasty?
    It is Shi Huangdi's dynasty. He named it after his people.
  26. What were some of Shi Huangdi's accomplishments?
    He built the Great Wall which was the largest construction project and he also divided China into districts. Another thing he did was build new roads
  27. Why did the Qin Dynasty fall?
    When Shi Huangdi died, it created chaos. His son died and his grandson could not do it and rebellions broke out.
  28. What was the Han Dynasty?
    Liu Bang became the ruler. They set up a civil service system based on Confuciunism. He had a stable govt
  29. Describe Liu Bang's rule.
    Liu Bang had a stabler govt. It was less harsh.
  30. Describe Wudi's rule.
    He came to power at 14 years old. His main intrest was war and military matters. He strenghthened the army.
  31. How did the Han Dynasty come to an end?
    After Wudi died, the Han Dynasty began to fall apart. Warlords gained more power and the last emp. was kept in power by a warlord but when that warlord died, the emp. gave up power and the dynasy was gone
  32. What is Silk?
    A valuble cloth made by silk worms
  33. Who was Sima Qian?
    A scholar who discovered how or when chinese rulers lived
  34. Describe the importance of the Silk Road.
    The Silk Road was not only used for trading but also used for ideas like Buddhism
  35. What is Language and Literature?
    The Chinese wrote exellent poetry and wrote the first dictionary..
  36. What is Technology?
    Chinese artisans made iron farming tools like stone hoes and plows.
  37. What is Paper?
    he Chinese used wooden scrolls for writing. later, they used silk. After that they discovered paper. The first paper was made from tree bark, hemp and old rags.It was strengthened with starch then coated with gelatin
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