Anatomy Chapter 9

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  1. Organs of the nervous system are divided into (2)
    • Central Nervous System
    • &
    • Peripheral Nervous System
  2. Parts of a Neuron
    • Dendrites
    • Cell Body
    • Axon
  3. A wave of action potentials is a _____ _____
    Nerve Impulse
  4. A junction between two neurons is a ______.
  5. Axons have ____ ____ at their distal ends, which secrete _____.
    • synaptic knob
    • neurotransmitters
  6. A ___ neuron carries an impulse into a synapse; a ___ neuron responds
    • presynaptic
    • post synaptic
  7. Neuroglial cells in the CNS: (4)
    • Microglial Cells
    • Oligodendrocytes
    • Astrocytes
    • Ependymal Cells
  8. Neuroglial cells in the PNS: (1)
    Schwann Cells
  9. Two structures of the Nervous System
    • Neurons
    • Neuroglial Cells-protect and support neuron
  10. General functions of the Nervous System: (SIM)
    • 1-Sensory- receptors detect internal/external changes
    • 2-Integrative-collect sensory info;make decisions that motor functions carry
    • 3-Motor-stimulate effectors to respond
  11. Structural classification of Neurons
    • Multipolar
    • Bipolar
    • Unipolar
  12. Functional classification of Neurons
    • Sensory neurons
    • Interneurons
    • Motor neurons
  13. Distribution of Ions
    a) ion distribution =pores and channels in the membranes allow passage of some ions, NOT OTHERS

    b) Potassium (K) ions pass more easily than Sodium (Na)
  14. Resting Potential
    a-high concentration of Na+ ions on outside of membrane, high concentration of K ions on inside of membrane

    b-Many negatively charged ions are inside a cell

    c-resting cell, more positive ions leave than enter, =(outside developes + charge) (inside developes - charge)
  15. Pot
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