QMED Firefighting Questions

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  1. CG Regs (46CFR) states that duties assigned to the crew by the station bill will:
    Be comparable with their regular work.
  2. While at your lifeboat station, you hear a signal consisting of one short blast of the whistle. This indicates:
    Commence lowering boats.
  3. What is the emergency signal for fire aboard ship?
    Continuous sounding for more than 10 seconds on the bell and general alarm.
  4. CG Regs (CFR46) stipulates that in addition to approved emergency signals, any additional emergency signals are:
    Established by the master of the vessel.
  5. In accordance with CG Regs, CG approved buoyant work vests should:
    Not be stowed where they could be confused with life jackets in an emergency.
  6. What must be carried out in order to launch and inflate an inflatable life-raft?
    Push on the hydrostatic release, pull on the sea painter.
  7. If you have to abandon ship and enter a life-raft, your main course of action should be to"
    Remain in the vicinity of the sinking vessel.
  8. Following a grounding, you can best determine that a slack fuel oil tank has been holed by:
    Sounding the tank.
  9. The knife edges and gaskets of watertight doors should be kept:
    Clean and uncoated.
  10. Which of the following statements describes the correct procedure for closing a watertight door?
    1 dog opposite hinge side, 2 dogs on the hinge side, then evenly tighten all remaining.
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