history chapter 18

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  1. describe legislative compensation
    • anual salary of 95 thousand
    • per diem expenses
    • car allowance
    • dental
    • vacaton
    • family health insurance
    • cell phone
    • funds to hire staff and rent office space in their district
  2. per diem
    141$ a day
  3. car allowance
  4. dental
  5. vacation
  6. family health care
  7. describe leadership of the assembly speaker
    • determine
    • arrange
    • appoint (4)
    • direct
    • serve
    • preside
    • assign
  8. dertermine
    the # and titles of standing, special, and sub committees
  9. arrange
    schedule for committee meetings
  10. appoint
    • members of assembly standing committee
    • chairs and vice chairs of assembly committee
    • three members to serve in the conference committee
    • majority floor lead
  11. direct
    rule committee in the referal of bulls to specific committees
  12. serve
    as the ex ooffico nonvoting member of all committees
  13. preside
    over assemply
  14. assign
    office space in the capitol
  15. describe leadership of state assembly
    • elected by majority cacus
    • select majority floor leader, assistant majority leader, whip, and assistant whip
    • floor leader
    • speaker pro tempore
    • minority floor leader
    • president of the senate
  16. floor leader
    • represents the speaker o the floor
    • clarifying assembly proceedings
    • important in coordinating the majority party's efforts to pass legislation facilitating communication between speaker and state assembly.
  17. Speaker pro tempore:
    appointed by speaker, presides over floor sessions in absence of the speaker.
  18. Minority floor leader:
    leader of the minority party, assist in the reelection of assembly members from the minority party
  19. President of the senate:
    lieutenant governor. Authority to cast a tie breaking vote.
  20. describe leadership of the state senate
    • president protempore elected by members
    • actual leader of state senate
    • five member rule committee
    • senate majority leader and whip chosen by majority cacus- main floor managers for the president po tempore
    • senate minority leader
    • minority whip
  21. power is excersised through
    the five meber rule committee which has legislative powers equivilant to those of the assembly speaker
  22. senate minority leader
    • second most powerful position in senate
    • cut deals and take advantage of the decentralized nature of the senate
  23. minority whip
    assistant to the minority leader and they assist in maintaining party discipline
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