AP World- Ch.30 Questions

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  1. "Import substitution industrialization" refers to
    the spurt of industrial growth in Latin America while World War I cut off the traditional agricultural exports and European imports
  2. In many cases, Latin American Liberals gained power in conjunction with
    the traditional land owning oligarchy.
  3. What military leader in Argentina broadened the base of support for the conservative government by appealing to labor groups and by utilizing the popularity of his wife?
    Juan Peron
  4. What populist ruler gained power in Brazil following the disputed election of 1929?
    Getulio Vargas
  5. Tojo Hideki was
    the Japanese general who assumed great political influence following the failed coup of 1936.
  6. In the aftermath of World War I, parliamentary governments were
    weakened by the existence of radical groups from the left and the right.
  7. The New Deal was
    Franklin Roosevelt's program incorporating some social insurance measures.
  8. What European nation elected the Popular Front, a coalition of liberal, socialist, and communist parties?
  9. In what nation did the first fascist regime in Europe take power?
  10. In the election of 1932, Hitler's National Socialist Party
    failed to achieve a majority, but won more votes than any other single party.
  11. Kulaks were
    wealthy, commercially oriented peasants who controlled most of Russian land
  12. Who succeeded Lenin as the head of the Soviet state?
    Joseph Stalin
  13. Stalin's policy toward agriculture
    resulted in a state-planned system that did not produce much surplus.
  14. Stalin's five-year plans
    resulted in the creation of heavy industries that soon rivaled the West in productivity
  15. The Soviet bureaucracy under Stalin
    was composed of colorless figures hesitant to initiate, but loyal to Stalin and official ideology
  16. Which of the following economies was least affected by the Great Depression?
    the Soviet Union
  17. The National Socialist Party rose to power in what country?
  18. Appeasement was a diplomatic policy followed by what European leader?
    Neville Chamberlain
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