Chapter 8 Infinitives

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  1. Use the infinitive, even when there is a change of subject, after...

    Verbs of perception, such as:
    escuchar, mirar, oir, sentir, ver

    Ex) Te oigo hablar, pero no entiendo nada!
  2. Use the infinitive, sometimes even when there is a change of subject, after...

    Verbs of influence, such as:
    dejar, haver, mandar, permitir, prohibir
  3. Use the infinitive after...

    Impersonal expressions, such as:
    es bueno, es facil, es importante
  4. The infinitive is REQUIRED after...

    Two particular impersonal expressions:
    Hay que and tener que
  5. In Spanish, the gerund form of a verb (-ing) may not be used as a noun or in giving instructions, instead, the infinitive may be used.

    Does the infinitive, when used instead of the gerund form of a verb, require a definite article before it? Or is a definite article optional?
    A definite article is optional

    • Ex) Ver is creer
    • Ex) El arte del mirar
  6. In Spanish, are infinitives used as commands on signs and written instructions?

    If so, give three examples.

    • Ex) Empujar (push)
    • Ex) No fumar
    • Ex) Seguir con cuidado (proceed with caution)
  7. After prepositions the infinitive is used.

    Give two examples.
    Sample examples:

    • Ex) El Dr. Perez necesito veinte anos para demonstrar sus teorias
    • Ex) El no podra abrir el documento sin instalar el programa
  8. Pattern:

    [conjugated verb] + [preposition] + [infinitive]

    Give the six examples with their prepositions
    acabar de - to just have (done something)

    tratar de - to try (to)

    aprender a - to learn (to)

    ensenar a - to teach (to)

    quedar en - to agree (to)

    tardar en - to take time (to)
  9. Deber + de + infinitive suggests what?
  10. The infinitive is commonly used after other conjugated verbs, especially when there is no change of subject. These verbs are frequently followed by the infinitive.
    deber, decidir, desear, necesitar, pensar, poder, preferir, querer, saber.
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