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  1. obesity
    an excesive accumlation of body fat at which level the risk for health problems increase
  2. DXA
    method of body comp. estimates are made of bone mineral content and lean and fat mass
  3. hydrostatic weighting
    method of body comp. measuring amoutn of water displaced with a person is completely submerged

    logical: fat is less dense than muscle
  4. BMR
    energy expenditure under resting conditiosn at normal room temperature
  5. Very low calories diets
    400 to 700 calories
  6. ketosis
    condition which body adapts to fasting or carb deprivation by converting body fat to ketones - can be used as fuel for some brain activiity
  7. hunger
    inborn physiological response tp nutritional needs
  8. appetite
    learned respnsed tied to emotional or psychological craving fo food
  9. satiety
    feeling of fullness or satisfaction after eating
  10. adaptive thermogensis
    • brain regulates metabolic activity according to caloric intake
    • - theoretical mechanism
  11. brown fat cells
    specialized type of fat celll that affects the ability to regualr fat metabolism
  12. hyperplasia
    an increase in the number of cells
  13. hypertrophy
    an increase in size of cells
  14. yo-yo diet
    lowers BMR - favours weight gain
  15. setpoint theory
    suggests fat storage is determined by a theromostatic mechanism in the body that acts to maintain a specific amount of body fat
  16. weight bias
    negative attitudes that have a harmful effect on a person's interpersonal interactions and activities with persons who are obese
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