Amphetamines and Clan labs

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  1. What is the most clandestinely manufactured drug in the US?
  2. T or F
    Amphetamines and related compounds are CNS stimulants.
  3. What is the prototypical compund of the phenalklamine series?
    beta - phenethylamine
  4. List the 4 pharmacological effects of the amphetamines.
    • 1. excitation of the central nervous system
    • 2. excitation of the heart resulting in increased heart rate and force of contraction
    • 3. constriction of smooth muscle of some blood vessels and glands
    • 4. relaxation of smooth muscle of the gut, bronchi, and the blood vessel supplying and skeletal muscle
  5. The effects are a result of their_________activities----that is, their ability to potentiate__________(and___________) neurotransmission in the periphery and CNS.
    • sympathomimetic
    • adrenergic
    • dopaminergic
  6. List 3 effects of moderate doses of amphetamines and related compounds.
    • 1. increased wakefullness & alertness
    • 2. elevated mood to the point of elation or euphoria
    • 3.increased self-confidence
  7. Continued use of amphetamines frequently results in ___________and ______________.
    • fatigue
    • mental confusion
  8. T or F
    Amphetamines have no withdrawal syndrome.
  9. T or F
    Amphetamines have been used to reverse the CNS effects of depressants.
  10. What causes the anorexic actions of the amphetamines?
    the sympathomimetic effects of amphetamine derivatives in the hypothalmic feeding center
  11. List 3 methods used to manufacture P-2-P.
    • 1. Base catalyzed condensation of phenylacetic acid with acetic anhydride
    • 2. Oxidation of 1-arylpropene (APEN)
    • 3. Oxidation of nitrostyrene (NS)
  12. List 3 methods used to manufacture methamphetamine or amphetamine from P-2-P.
    • 1. Leuckart Reaction
    • 2. Reductive amination
    • 3. Aluminum foil
  13. List the 2 most common methods used to manufacture methamphetamine or amphetamine from ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.
    • 1. HI/Red P
    • 2. Nazi method or Birch Reduction
  14. What type of product is produced when the precursor used is P-2-P?
  15. What type of product is produced when the precursor used is pseudoephedrine or ephedrine?
    optically pure
  16. What intermediate product is made during the aluminum foil method?
    Schiff's base
  17. Is the aluminum foil method endothermic or exothermic?
  18. Which isomer of the amphetamine-related compounds are physiologically active?
    d-methamphetamine or d-amphetamine
  19. T or F
    Hydrogenolysis reactions displace the benzylic hydroxly group of the chiral starting material.
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