ARCH 150

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  1. Plan
    Top down view, cut off at about the knees
  2. Sections
    Cut through vertically
  3. Elevation
    the front, or facade of a building
  4. Scale
    Usually depicted on human scale
  5. Post and Lintel
    stonehenge, doorframe; common contruction technique
  6. Beam
    Provides spanning strength
  7. Menhir
    indiviudal standing stone
  8. adobe
    think walls, flat roofs, keeps heat out and in
  9. teepee
    nomadic portable structure made with animal skin
  10. longhouse
    Wood and hemlock, frame permanent, planks removable
  11. Dolmen
    stone uprights with a stone roof (post and lentil)
  12. Trilithe
    post and lentil with stone
  13. Mortis and Tenon
    Male & Female adapters carved into structure
  14. Earthworks
    earth circles and mounds
  15. Primitive
  16. Prehistoric
    before written history
  17. primitve architecture shows cultures connection with ___, __, and ____
    site, climate, and materials
  18. Avebury England: ____ encircling ____
    Earthworks encircling Menhirs
  19. Carnac contains a shit load of
    menhirs and dolmens
  20. Haida
    buildings left to return to earth via decomposition
  21. Thatched roofs can last up to ____ years
  22. Genral Characteristics of Egyption Architecture:
    Strack geometric forms, pylons, light/dark contrast
  23. Mastaba
    bench shaped tomb structure
  24. Pyramid characteristics
    almost no interior space, pharoh buried ABOVE ground
  25. Pylon
    thick walls that punctuate access points, narrow towards top
  26. axis
    geometirc alignment that governs plan of site
  27. hypostle hall
    many colums, dark and enclosed
  28. column
    tall cyclinder
  29. capital
    top of a column
  30. Saqqara
    Step Pyramid and templ of Zoer
  31. Giza
    3 great pyramids, tallest 500' tall
  32. Karnak (Egypt)
    Temple of Ammon-Ra, aligned with sun in tribute to Sun God. Light and Dark contrast
  33. Tombs represent housing for deceased; implies Egyptians deep connection with _____
    the after life
  34. Deir-el-Barhi: Quuen Hatshepsut
    burial chamber located in cliff, imported trees
  35. Abu Simbel: Temple of Ramses
    Huge statues of Ramses for dramatic flair, sanctuary located in cliff side. Light outside, dark as you enter chamber
  36. Upper Nile
    Southern Egypt
  37. Lower Nile
    Northern Egypt
  38. Ziggurat
    stepped pyramid with monumental stairs on each side, topped with small temple
  39. Megaron
    Kings Cermonial Hall
  40. Acropolis
    High City: built on hills, defensible, and visible
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