kin 140 ch 7 relationship

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  1. self-disclosure
    shring personal information with others
  2. intimate relationship
    close relationships which you offer and are offeredm validation, understandning and a sense of being valued intellectually, emotionally and physically
  3. leaning to listen
    • be present in the moment
    • express empathy
    • try to focus on the speaker
    • use postive body languages and voice tone
  4. emotional availability
    ability to give to and receive from other peopel emotionaly without being inhibited by fears of being hurt
  5. friendship
    • enjoyment
    • acceptance
    • trust
    • respect
    • mutual assistance
    • understanding
  6. triangular love
    • intimacy
    • passion
    • decision/commitment
  7. companionate love
    attracted, have much in common, cate about each other's well being and express reciprical liking and respect
  8. passionate love
    state of huge arousal filled with ecstasy of beign loved or the agony of being rejected

    • 3 conditions
    • culture of concept of "falling in love"
    • suitable person
    • physiological arousal
  9. dysfunctional family
    interactions that inhibits psychological growth
  10. sexual identity
    recognitiion of ourselves as sexual beings; a compistie of sex, gender, gender roles, sexual preferences, body image, and sexual scripts
  11. gonards
    reproductive organs in a male(testes) and female (ovaries)
  12. pituitary gland
    endocrine gland controlling the release of hormones from the gonads
  13. androgyny
    combinaton of traditional masculine and femine traits in a single person
  14. GnRH
    hormone that signals the putuitary gland to release gonadotropins
  15. FSH
    signals ovaries to prepare to release an egg and to begin producing estrogen
  16. LH
    signals the ovaries to release an egg and being producing progesterone
  17. estrogen
    control the menstrual cycle
  18. progesterone
    keep the endometrium developing in order to nourish a fertilized egg
  19. menarche
    first menstrual period
  20. overian folicles
    where individual eggs develop
  21. limerences
    quality of sexual attraction based on chemistry and gratification of sexual disire
  22. celibacy
    not engaging in sexual activity
  23. autoerotic behaviours
    sexual self-stimulation
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