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  1. Female parts of the typical flower
    stigma, style, pistil, ovules
  2. GH (aka)
    • Growth hormone: (somatotropin)
    • Promotes bone and muscle growth
    • Over production of GH in adults causes acromegaly....overgrowth of bone
  3. G1 phase
    growth occurs as organelles double
  4. S phase
    DNA replicated
  5. Interkinesis
    occurs betweeen telophase 1 and prophase 2
  6. Ribosomal Subunits
    • 3 o s -binds to 5'end of mRNA
    • 5 o s- (2-3 sites to receive tRNA)
  7. Chargaff's rules
    • A pairs with G etc.
    • C pairs with T
  8. In a Hardy weinberg equil...the freq. of dominant allele D is 3 times that of recessive d. What is the frequency of heterozygotes
    • p=3q and p+q=1
    • so 4q=1
    • then q=.025 and p=.75
    • 2(.025)(.75)=.375 or 37.5%
  9. Acrosome
    A vesicle at sperm's top that helps it penetrate egg
  10. Rods
    • night vision
    • use rhodopsin as pigment (absorbs single wavelength)
  11. Outer Ear
    the auricle (external ear) and the auditory canal
  12. Invert ns. Cnidaria
    • simple ns ---nerve net
    • limited centralization
    • some jellyfish have clusters of cells that coordinate swimming
  13. smooth muscle
    • one centrally located nucleus
    • no striations
  14. Termination codons
    • UAA:
    • UAG:
    • UGA:
  15. a Release (in terms of behavior)
    stimulus eliciting the behavior
  16. Spontaneous Recovery
    • when stimulus no longer applied the response recovers overtime.
    • Also can be the recovery of a conditioned response after extinction
  17. Pseudoconditioning
    a "neutral" stimuli is able to elicit the response even before conditioning, and hence is not really a neutral stimulus
  18. Extinction (when referring to behavior)
    gradual elimination of conditioned responses in absence of reinforcement "unlearning"
  19. Stimulus Generalization
    ability of a conditioned organism to respond to stimuli which are similar
  20. Stimulus Generalization Gradient
    following conditioning--stimuli more dissimilar to original conditioned stimulus elicits responses with dec. magnitude
  21. Axon
    transmits pulses away
  22. Soma
    cell body of neuron contains nucleus
  23. Vestigial structures
    structures that appear to be useless but had some ancestral function (ex. appendix, coccyx--useless bones at base of spine)
  24. Lytic Cycle
    phage DNA reproduces itself using bacterum's genetic machinery and manufactures numerous progeny which then kill the cell (many lysed cells together can form a plaque)
  25. Ribosome composition
    2 subunits that bind only during protein synthesis
  26. Amino Acyl- tRNA synthetase
    bind both the aa and its corresponding tRNA to form an amino acyl -tRNA complex
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