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  1. Monohybrid Cross
    only one trait being studied ex. PPxpp
  2. Sporophyte
    diploid generation (is main generation in most plants) (evolution trends towards increased dominance of the sporophyte generations)
  3. Central disk
    a piece needed for regeneration of a missing body part to occur. (hydra and starfish)
  4. Pathway of Sperm
    • S-eminiferous tubules
    • E-pididymis
    • V-as deferens
    • E-jaculatory Duct
    • n (nothing)
    • U-rethra
    • P-enus
  5. # of ATP produced by oxid. phosphorylation
  6. Karyokinesis
    Nuclear division
  7. Function of Nucleolus
    rRNA synthesis
  8. Cyclosis
    streaming movement within the cell, which aids metabolic activity
  9. Photic Zone
    Aphotic Zone
    • P--in water the top layer through which light can penetrate and all photosynthesis occurs
    • A--only animal life and heterotrophic life exist
  10. Symbiosis
    symbionts live together with close association. May or may not be beneficial
  11. Epiphytes
    plants growing on other plants
  12. Lens focal length controlled by.....
    ciliary muscles
  13. Tonus
    state of partial contraction... muscles are never completely relaxed.
  14. Red Bone marrow
    involved in blood cell formation
  15. Pseudopodia found in....
  16. Cilia and flagella structure
    11 microtubules (9outside, 2 inside)
  17. Sessile
  18. Fungi
    • Non-photosynthetic plants:
    • Non-motile:
    • Either saprophytic or parasitic:
    • Cell walls composed of chitin:
  19. Protista (example...)
    either single-celled eukaryotes or colonies of similar cells with no differentum into specialized tissues
  20. Monera
  21. Classification order (father of it??)
    • Karaoke Pandas Sing "Cant one find good seafood?"
    • Kingdom Phylum subphylum Class Order Family Genus species
  22. 5 kingdoms
    Monera, Protista, Plantae, Fungi, Animalia
  23. Convergent Evolution
    ie fish and dolphins resemble one another but belong to diff. classes of verte.
  24. La Marckia Evoluion
    Use or disuse
  25. Exocrine Glands
    secretes substances carried by ducts
  26. Endocrine glands
    synthesize and secrete hormones into circulatory system
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