kin 140 ch 8 birth control

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  1. abortion
    medical mean of terminating a pregency
  2. contraception
    methods of preventing conception
  3. typical-use effectiveness rate
    percentage of women who will be pregnant in one year considered that a contraceptive method is often used incorrectly
  4. oral contraceptive pills
    pills taken daily for 3 weeks of the menstrual cycle that prevent ovulation by regulating hormones
  5. fertility awareness methods
    observing female "fertile periods" by examining cervical mucus or keeping track of internal temperature - abstain from sex during these fertile times
  6. cervical mucus method
    a FAM that relies upon changes in cervical mucus to determine when the women is fertile so the couple can abstain from intercourse
  7. body temperature method
    monitor body temperature for the rise that signals ouvulation
  8. hysterectomy
    removal of the uterus
  9. sterilization
    permanent fertility control achieved through surgical procedures
  10. vacuum aspiration
    ue of gentle suction to remove fetal tissue from uterus
  11. dilation and evacuation
    combines vacuum aspiration with dilation and curettage; fetal tissue is sucked and scraped out of uterus
  12. hysterotomy
    surgical removal of the fetus from the uterus
  13. induction abortion
    chemicals are injected into uterus
  14. family practioner
    licensed MD who provides comprehensive car for peopl of all ates
  15. midwife
    experienced practiioner trained to attend pregnancies and deliveries
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