Urinary Lab

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  1. What are the 3 layers that cover the kidney?
    • renal fascia
    • Adipose
    • Renal capsule
  2. What are the 3 things that come out of the hilum of the kidney?
    • Blood vessels
    • nerves
    • ureter
  3. What is the outer most layer of the kidney?
    Renal fascia
  4. What is the layer that is the closest to kidney?
    Renal capsule
  5. What 2 things collect urine?
    • Calyces
    • Pelvis
  6. What is that ball of capillaries in the kidney called?
  7. How many nephrons are there per kidney?
    1 million+
  8. What 2 things make up the renal corpuscle?
    • Glomerulus
    • Bowmans capsule
  9. What 4 things make up the renal tubule?
    • Bowmans capsule
    • proximal convoluted tubule
    • loop of henle
    • distal convoluted tubule
  10. What is the main function of a nephron?
    Urine production
  11. What is the name for the nephrons in the cortical region?
    Cortical nephrons
  12. What is the name for the nephrons that are in the cortex region and in the medullary region? (spell)
    Juxtamedullary nephron
  13. What two things make up a nephron?
    • Glomerulus
    • renal tubule
  14. What percent of cariac output is filtered through the kidney per minute?
  15. In the glomerulus what is the name of the inner wall of the capillary?
  16. What are the arteries that come from interlobular arteries and go into glomerulus?
    Afferent arterioles
  17. Arteries that leave the glomerulus and go into peritubular capillaries are the.....
    Efferent arterioles
  18. What is the duct that collects from distal convoluted tubule?
    Collecting duct
  19. Collecting duct dumps into?
    Minor calyx
  20. Juxtamedullary nephrons:
    Specialized peritubular capillaries around loop of henle
    Vasa recta
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