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  1. set
    total internal environment or mindset of a person a the time a drug is taken
  2. setting
    the total external environment of a person at the time a drug is taken
  3. nurturing through avoidance
    repeatedly seeking the illusion of relief to avoid unpleasant feelings or situations
  4. loss of control
    inability to predict reliably whether any isolated involvement with the addictive substance or behaviour will be healthy or damaging
  5. denial
    inability to perceive or accurately interpret the effects of drug use or engaging in a behaviour
  6. relapse
    tendency to return to the addictive behaviours or drug after a period of abstinence
  7. receptor sites
    specialized cells to which drugs can attach themselves
  8. intramuscular injection
    into muscle
  9. intravenous injection
    directly into vein
  10. innuction
    through the skin
  11. suppositories
    mixuture of drugs and waxy medium deisgned to metl at body temperature - insert in anus or vagina
  12. synergism
    interaction of two or more drugs in which effects arre magnified
  13. antagonism
    durg blocks action of another
  14. inhibition
    effects of one drug are eliminated or reduced by presence of another drug at the receptor site
  15. cross-tolerance
    development of a tolerance to a similar drug
  16. THC
    psychoactive substance in marijuana and key to determine power of high that it will produce

    hashish - potent cannabis preparation derived from thick stick resin of the plant

    most noticabe effect - dilation of eyes' blood vessels

    hash oil - strongest concentration
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