SAT Words

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  1. Disheartened
    Feeling a loss of spirit or morale
  2. Dissuade
    To persuade someone not to do something
  3. Divisive
    Causing dissent, discord
  4. Docile
    Easily taught or trained
  5. Duplicity
    Crafty dishonesty
  6. Eclectic
    Consisting of a diverse variety of elements
  7. Effervescent
    Bubbly, lively
  8. Elated
    Overjoyed, thrilled
  9. Elicit
    To bring forth, draw out, evoke
  10. Elude
    To evade, escape
  11. Emote
    To express emotion
  12. Empathy
    Sensitivity to another's feelings as if they were one's own
  13. Empirical
    Based on observation or experience, capable of being proved or disproved by experiment
  14. Emulate
    To initiate
  15. Engender
    To bring about, create, generate
  16. Epitome
    A perfect example, embodiment
  17. Ethereal
    Heavenly, exceptionally delicate or refined
  18. Etymology
    The history of words, their origin and development.
  19. Euphoric
    Elated, Uplifted
  20. Exonerate
    To free from guilt or blame, exculpate
  21. Expunge
    To obliterate, eradicate
  22. Fabricate
    To make up, invent
  23. Facade
    The wall of a building, a deceptive appearance or attitude
  24. Fastidious
    Meticulous, demanding, having high and often unnatainable standards
  25. Fathom
    To understand, comprehend
  26. Feral
    Wild, savage
  27. Flaccid
    Limp, not firm or strong
  28. Flagrant
    Offensive, egregious
  29. Forlorn
    Lonely, abandoned, hopeless
  30. Foster
    To stimulate, promote, encourage
  31. Garish
    Gaudy, in bad taste
  32. Gluttony
    Overindulgence in food or drink
  33. Grandiloquence
    Lofty, pompous language
  34. Gregarious
    Drawn to company of others, sociable
  35. Grievous
    Injurious, hurtful; grave or serious in nature
  36. Hallowed
    Revered, consecrated
  37. Hapless
  38. Haughty
    disdainfully proud
  39. Hedonist
    One who believes pleasure should be the primary pursuit of humans
  40. Iconoclast
    One who attacks common beliefs or institutions
  41. Idiosyncratic
    Peculiar to one person; highly individualized
  42. Idolatrous
    Excessively worshipping one object or person
  43. Illicit
    Forbidden, not permitted
  44. Immerse
    To absorb, deeply involve, engross
  45. Immutable
    Not changeable
  46. Impeccable
    Exemplary, flawless
  47. Imperative
    Necessary, pressing; a rule, command, or order
  48. Impervious
    Impenetrable, incapable of being affected
  49. Impetuous
    rash; hastily done
  50. Implicate
    To involve in an incriminating way, incriminate
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