Terminology Quiz #5

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  1. sickle-hocked soundness
    • results in : - wearing joint out from fatigue
    • - reduced stride & places stress on plantar ligaments in rear of hock
  2. splay footed
    broad ,flat foot turned outward
  3. toeing in
    toes of hooves face in toward each other
  4. toeing out
    horses feet are turned away from each other
  5. unsoundness
    any injury or defect that interferes with the ability of an animal to be used for its given purpose
  6. winging (horses)
    throwing the front feet out to the side during the stride
  7. broken-mouth
    some teeth are missing or broken
  8. full-mouth
    mouth of a horse at age 6 when it has grown all its teeth
  9. overshot
    hereditary imperfection in which the lower jaw is shorter than upper jaw
  10. undershot
    flaw in which lower jaw protrudes beyon the upper jaw
  11. blemish
    abnormality that does not seriously affect the serviceability of a horse ,such as wire cuts & rope burns
  12. libido
    sexual desire
  13. scours
    diarrhea in livestock such as horses and cattle caused by intestinal infection
  14. hand mating
    when boar is brought to individual female for serving
  15. dehorn
    to remove horns
  16. polled
    having no horns; hornless
  17. scurs
    small horn-like growths in the frontal bone ; neither polled, no true horns either
  18. wattle
    fleshy growth hanging from head or neck of certain animals
  19. dock
    (noun) shortened tail; (verb) removal of tail
  20. lambing jug
    small pen to confine ewes (mother sheep) and newly born lambs
  21. fleece
    coat of wool
  22. grease wool
    fatty, slightly sticky wax coating the surface of the fibers of sheep's wool
  23. *hank
    loosely wound coil of fiber or yarn that is twisted back on itself; unit of wool yarn on a reel
  24. shearing
    process by which the woollen fleece of a sheep is cut off
  25. crutching
    removal of wool from around tail and between rear legs of sheep
  26. tags (sheep)
    matted lock of wool or hair ; identification
  27. *mouthed
    opening to any cavity or canal in an organ or a bodily part
  28. spinning count
    a measure of fiber fineness and distribution
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