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  1. salmonella


    foods vehicles

    methods of prevention
    foob bourne illness, common in terrapins mesophile

    raw poultry/ eggs/ milk/ meat, people ,sewage water, pests, soil, environment.

    vehicles; cooked poultry, meat, raw milk, egg products

    mp. thorough cooking, hygenic slaughter , avoid raw eggs/ milk, good personal hygine, good desighn of premises, seperation of raw and high risk, integrated pest management/ exclusion off ill personel
  2. Clostridium perfringens


    foods vehicles

    methods of prevention
    infectious anerobic spore former, mesophile

    s. human/animal faeces, soil, dust, pests, raw meat/poultry

    v; stews, cosseroles, rolled joints, meat pies

    mp; seperation, rapid cooling, refridgerated storage, good pesonal hygine, staff training, cleaning and dissinfecting, restrict joint size.
  3. Staphylococcus aureus


    food vehicles

    methods of pevention
    heat resistant exotoxin in food, salt tolerant

    humans/ skin/ nose/ spots/ boils, raw milk, soil, environment, animal gut/ hides

    milk and dairy products, desserts, custards, cooked meats, cooked poultry, buffet type food, prawns

    good personal hygine, handwashing, reduced handling, avoid raw milk, refrigeration of high risk food, exclusion/ colds, flu, spots, boils, cuts
  4. Bacillus cereus


    food vehicles

    methods of prevention
    spore former, heat resistant exotoxin in food

    s; cereals(rice), spices, cornflour, beansprouts, soil, dust, died foods, intestinal tract of humans

    v; reheated rice, cornflour products, food containing spices

    mp;cook and serve, hot hold above 63, rapid cooling, refrigerated storage, thorough reheating, avoid cross contamination, proper cleaning
  5. clostridium botulinum


    food vehicles

    methods of prevention
    anerobic spore former, neurotoxin in food

    s;intestines of fish/animals, soil, vegetables

    v;canned bottled/food, honey(infint botulism)

    mp;discard blown/damaged cans,care gutting/preping raw fish, good manufacturing practice during canning, bottling and smoking
  6. E.coli 0157 (vtec)


    food vehicles

    methods of prevention
    affect kidneys, bloody diarrheoa, can be effective in very low doses

    human/animal faeces,raw meat, apple juice, sewage, dirty water

    v; under cooked burgers, raw milk, unpasturised apple juice,cheese

    mp;better hygine at farms, thorough cooking, avoid cross contamination,staff training, hassp system in place, personal hygine, avoid untreated milk/cheese/apple juice, double wash salad vegetables
  7. listeriosis


    food vehicles

    methods of prevention
    phsycrotrophic, can cause abortions in pregnant women, salt tollerant

    s; environment, soil, sewage, dirty water,human/animal faeces

    v;soft cheeses, pate, butter, chilled food, raw milk, unwashed salad vegetables

    mp;proper irragation, avoid cross contamination, thorough cooking, staff training ,good cleaning, stock rotation, high risk groups should avoid soft cheese/ pate/ contact with farm animals,
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