Patho chapter 4

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  1. What are the stages an established pathogen goes through
    • incubation
    • prodromal
    • acute/acme
    • period of decline
    • recovery/convalescence
  2. Interval of time between pathogen invasion and first signs and symptoms of disease
  3. What factors influence the incubation period
    • dose of pathogen
    • generation time of pathogen
    • virulence of pathogen
    • host resistance level
    • location of entry
  4. The amount of time it takes for a pathogen to double in number
    generation time
  5. Short period
    time of 1st non-specific/general signs and symptoms:
    fever, nausea, headache, maliase, appetite loss, fatigue
  6. Disease is at peak
    Specific signs and symptoms
    High fever with or without chills common
  7. What helps to determine the length of the acute period
    • virulence of pathogen
    • host resistance
  8. Signs and symptoms subside
    period of decline
  9. Body returns to normal after a disease
    period of covalescence
  10. Disease in which the signs and symptoms are apparent
    clinical disease
  11. Accompanied by few obvious signs and symptoms
    subclinical disease
  12. What is the mechanism by which bacteria reproduce?
    binary fission
  13. Antibiotics are effective against
  14. What does the development of resistance during antibiotic treatment mean
    the pathogen is no longer inhibited or destroyed by the antibiotics
  15. What is the causitive agent in Pneumocytosis carinii pneumonia
  16. What is the causitive agent in candiasis
  17. What is the causitive agent in tuberculosis
  18. What is the causitive agent in herpes zoster
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