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  1. a-/an-
    no/without example: amenorrhea/anechoic (a- before a consonant, an- before a vowel)
  2. ab-
    away from example: abduct
  3. ad-
    toward example: adduct
  4. ante-/pre-/pro-
    before example: antenatal/preoperative
  5. anti-/contra-
    against example: antibiotic/contralateral
  6. bi-/di-
    two example: bifid/dissect
  7. brady-
    slow example: bradycardia
  8. de-
    down from, removing example: decomposition
  9. dia-
    through, between, across example: dialysis
  10. dys-
    difficult/abnormal example: dysphagia
  11. ecto-/ex-/exo-
    outside/without/away from example: exophytic/ectoplasm
  12. en-/endo-/em-/eso-
    inside example: encapsulated
  13. epi-
    above/on example: epicondyle
  14. eu-
    good/normal example: euthyroid
  15. hemi-/semi-
    half/partly example: hemilaminectomy
  16. hyper-
    excessive, greater than normal example: hypercholesterolemia
  17. hypo-/sub-
    beneath/below normal, under example: hyponatremia
  18. in-
    not example: inability
  19. infra-
    beneath example: infraorbital
  20. inter-
    between example: intercondylar
  21. intra-
    within/inside of example: intrauterine
  22. macro-
    large example: macrosomia
  23. mal-
    bad example: malalignment
  24. meso-
    middle or moderate example: mesothelial
  25. micro-
    small example: microhematuria
  26. multi-/poly-
    many/excessive example: multinodular/polyhydramnios
  27. mono-/uni-
    one example: monochorionic/unilateral
  28. nulli-
    none example: nulliparous
  29. para-
    near, beside, resembling, abnormal example: parahepatic
  30. per-
    through, by, or completely example: percutaneous
  31. peri-
    around/near example: periventricular
  32. post-
    after, behind example: postoperative
  33. primi-
    first example: primigravida
  34. re-
    back, again example: redo
  35. retro-
    behind, backward example: retroareolar
  36. super-
    more than normal, excessive example: superinfection
  37. supra- above, over example: suprapubic
  38. sy(n)(m)-
    together, union example: symphysis
  39. tachy-
    fast example: tachyarrhythmia
  40. trans-
    across/through example: transesophageal
  41. uni-
    one example: unilateral
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