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  1. Stock Company
    Profit for stock holder
  2. Mutual Company
    Can pay dividends
  3. Dividends
    Return of Premium
  4. Ceding Company
    Keeps some of the risk
  5. Best Report
    Determine Financial Strengths
  6. Fraternals
    Sells certificates not policies
  7. Reinsurer
    Shares some risk
  8. HMO
    Emphasizes preventative medicine
  9. Example of Misrepresentation
    Dividends are quaranteed
  10. Fair Credit Reporting Act
    Protects consumer rights
  11. Blue Cross
    Covers hospital bills
  12. Rebating
    Inducement to buy
  13. Twisting
    Not telling possible disadvantages
  14. Armstrong Investigation
    1905 cash values to policy holders
  15. McCarren Ferguson Act
    1945 state regulation of insurers
  16. Consideration
    Money and Application
  17. Warranty
    A guarantee
  18. Fiduciary
    Financial Trust
  19. Error and Omission Insurance
    Malpractice insurance
  20. Aleatory Contract
    Unequal value is given
  21. Contract of Adhesion
    Take it or leave it
  22. Waiver
    Giving up of rights
  23. Valued contract
    Pays a stated benefit
  24. Reimbursement Contract
    Health insurance
  25. Insurable interest
    Must exist at issue date or inception
  26. Express Authority
    Written authority via contact
  27. Implied Authority
    Tools of the trade
  28. Apparent authority
    Assumption of authority
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