Maternity Chpt 1

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  1. Soranus
    • greek physician
    • aka the father of obstetrics
    • started the practice of podalic version
  2. podalic version
    • method of delivering a child feet first
    • usually done for the second twin
    • cesarean used more often
  3. Karl Crede
    instill 2% silver nitrate into eyes of newborns to prevent blindness
  4. Semmelweis
    found relationship between puerperal fever and germs from physicians that handled cadavers
  5. Pasteur
    confirmed that puerperal fever was caused by bacteria
  6. Joseph Lister
    • introduced aseptic surgery with carbonic acid
    • father of modern surgery
  7. Abraham Jacobi
    • father of pediatrics
    • created first pediatric outpatient clinic
  8. morbidity
    incidence of disease and illness
  9. mortality
    incidence of death
  10. Oliver Wendell Holmes
    wrote about puerperal fever
  11. White house conferences
    • held every 10 years
    • identifies pressing problems of families in various localities
    • led to the 1930 Children's Charter
  12. labor, delivery and recovery rooms (LDRs)
    the 3 sections of the maternity unit (labor-delivery, postpartum, newborn nursery) are now combined
  13. How does one gain info about a pts culture
    • ask her what she considers normal practice
    • culture affects the family's adaptation to the birthing experience
    • the nurse must adapt to tht pts cultural needs
  14. family centered child bearing
    • recognizes the family as a unique system
    • every family member is affected by teh birth and necessary for bonding and support
  15. children's bureau
    • federal program established in 1912 to address infant and maternal mortality
    • birth registrations in all states and hot lunch programs
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