Culinary Lamb & Game

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  1. Meat from a slaughtered sheep that is less than 1 year old
  2. These two cuts of lamb produce less tender but more flavorful meat.
    The Leg and Shoulder
  3. In Lamb this market form can include foresaddles, hindsaddles, backs and braclets.
    partial carcasses
  4. Lamb carcasses are split into the foresaddle and hindsaddle here.
    Between the 12th and 13th rib
  5. The front half of a lamb carcass consisting of the shoulder, rack, and breast primals.
    The Foresaddle
  6. The back half of a lamb carcass consisting of the loin and leg.
    The Hindsaddle
  7. A rack and loin of lamb that are still attached and sold as one piece.
    A Back
  8. A Lamb hotel rack with the breast still attached
    A Bracelet
  9. A back of lamb that remains attached at the backbone.
    Hotel Rack
  10. What are the 5 primal cuts of Lamb?
    Shoulder, Rack, Loin, Leg, Breast/Shank
  11. On a lamb carcass where is the shoulder divided from the rack?
    Between the 4th and 5th rib
  12. This lamb primal cut contains the first 4 rib bones, the arm and neck bones, and is about 36% of the total carcass weight.
    The Shoulder
  13. This lamb primal cut contains the 8 rib bones between the shoulder and the loin and is about 8% of the total carcass weight.
    The Rack
  14. How many rib bones does a lamb rack contain?
  15. A frenched lamb rack with the ribs arranged into a circle.
    Lamb Crown Roast
  16. A lamb rib chop that is cut to the thickness of two standard rib chops.
    A Double Rib Lamb Chop
  17. A 2 inch fabricated cut taken along the entire length of the unsplit loin.
    English Lamb Chop
  18. The lamb primal cut that is located between the rib and the leg, contains the 13th rib, and is about 13% of the total carcass weight.
    The Loin
  19. An unsplit primal lamb loin is commonly known as what?
    A Saddle
  20. What method of cooking is best for preparing cuts from the lamb loin?
    Dry heat cooking methods
  21. This lamb primal that contains the last portion of the backbone, the hip bone, the iatchbone, and the hindshank, and is about 34% of the total carcass weight.
    The Leg
  22. This fabricated cut from the leg of lamb is a whole leg with the sirloin removed.
    Short Cut Leg
  23. A thin flat primal cut of lamb that contains the breastbone that is located under the loin and rib, and with the shank comprises about 17% of the total carcass weight.
    The Breast
  24. A rectangular strip of meat cut from the lamb breast that contains parts of 7 ribs.
    Lamb Riblets (Denver Ribs)
  25. Because of it's ample connective tissue this method of cooking is best for a lamb breast. It is usually stuffed rolled and tied.
  26. The cut of lamb that contains the upper foreshank bone.
    The Shank
  27. What are three methods used to make lamb more flavorful and more tender?
    Rubs, Marinades, and Barding
  28. These are the two grades of lamb most commonly used in restaurants.
    Prime and Choice
  29. Meat that tastes like a cross between lamb and beef, it was one of the first domesticated animals, and is still farmed for both their meat and milk.
  30. Hunted for their meat and hide this animal indigenous to Australia, this animal has meat that is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol, and tastes like a cross between beef and pheasant.
  31. What are the most desirable cuts of bear meat?
    Loin and Rear Legs
  32. This is a dark lean meat with very little marbling from deer, elk, antelope, moose or pronghorn
  33. What method of cooking is usually used for venison loin?
    Dry Heat Methods
  34. What methods of cooking are used on venison cuts other than the loin?
    Combination Cooking Methods
  35. This game meat looks and has a texture similar to chicken, is very lean, and can easily be overcooked.
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