Escoffier Hot English Sauces

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  1. Horseradish simmered with white bouillon, butter sauce, cream, and breadcrumbs reduced. Sieve and thicken with egg yolk, finish with mustard and vinegar.
    Albert Sauce
  2. Peeled and cored apples, sugar, cinnamon, water, cooked until soft and make into a smooth sauce with a whisk.
    Sauce aux Pommes (Apple Sauce)
  3. White bouillon infused with thyme, basil, savory, marjoram, sage, chives, shallots, nutmeg, peppercorns. Thickened with blonde roux, finished with lemon, tarragon and chervil.
    Aromatic Sauce
  4. Boiling milk, breadcrumbs, small onion stuck with a clove, and butter. Simmer then remove onion, beat with a whisk till smooth and finish with cream.
    Bread Sauce
  5. Butter sauce, good roast gravy, ketchup, and Harvey's sauce.
    Brown Gravy
  6. The same as Sauce au Beurre except made with a larger amount of roux added to the same amount of water and butter, and not thickened with egg yolks.
    Butter Sauce; English Style
  7. English style butter sauce with the addition of capers.
    Caper Sauce
  8. Celery hearts, cooked with white bouillon, a bouquet garni, and an onion stuck with a clove. Drain and puree celery, add cream sauce and a little of the reduce cooking liquor.
    Celery Sauce
  9. Cranberries covered with water cooked till soft and passed through a fine sieve. Thinned with a little cooking liquor and finished with sugar.
    Cranberry Sauce
  10. White roux, white bouillon, cream, an onion, and parsley. Simmered and strained.
    Cream Sauce
  11. Vinegar reduced with chopped shallot, sauce espagnole, tomato puree. Finish with Derby sauce and cayenne.
    Deviled Sauce
  12. Blonde roux, milk, pepper and nutmeg, simmered. Add chopped hard boiled eggs.
    Egg Sauce
  13. Butter, lemon juice, parsley and chopped hard boiled eggs.
    Egg and Butter Sauce
  14. Butter sauce flavored with blanched chopped fennel.
    Fennel Sauce
  15. White bouillon, lean ham, and chopped shallot simmered. Add breadcrumbs fried in butter, parsley and lemon juice.
    Fried Bread Sauce
  16. Gooseberries with water and sugar boiled and passed through a fine sieve.
    Gooseberry Sauce
  17. Prepared the same way as Sauce Albert
    Horseradish sauce
  18. Sauce bechamel, anchovy essence, diced cooked lobster, and cayenne.
    Lobster Sauce, English Style
  19. Sliced onions cooked in milk, strain and chop onions. Thicken milk with a roux and add chopped onions.
    Onion Sauce
  20. Milk and cream thickened with a blonde roux, and strained. Season with cayenne and add poached sliced oysters.
    Oyster Sauce
  21. Brown stock thickened with a blonde roux, and strained. Season with cayenne and add poached sliced oysters.
    Oyster Sauce, Brown
  22. Infusion of parsley, butter sauce, finish with blanched chopped parsley.
    Parsley Sauce
  23. Fish cooking liquor with an infusion of parsley, thickened with a white roux, finished with chopped blanched parsley and lemon juice.
    Parsley Sauce for Fish
  24. Port wine, shallot, thyme, orange juice and zest, lemon juice, and cayenne. Strain and add to thickened veal gravy.
    Port Wine Sauce
  25. Sauce Poivrade and demi glace with a garnish of gherkin, hard boiled egg white, cooked mushrooms, truffle, and salted ox tounge all cut into a short julienne.
    Reform Sauce
  26. Onion and raw ham cooked in butter, vinegar, and bouquet garni and reduce. Add Espagnole, finish with port and redcurrant jelly.
    Roebuck Sauce
  27. large onions baked in an oven till tender and then chopped, white breadcrumbs, milk, and chopped sage.
    Sage and Onion Sauce
  28. Sauce Bechamel, sliced white of hard boiled egg, and the yolks passed through a coarse sieve.
    Scotch Egg Sauce
  29. Butter sauce, cayenne, anchovy essence, and peeled cooked shrimps.
    Shrimp Sauce
  30. Port wine, julienne orange zest, espagnole, redcurrant jelly, cinnamon, cayenne, and finish with orange juice.
    Yorkshire Sauce
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