Escoffier Soup Basics

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  1. Soups of the old classical kitchen were served as what part of the meal?
    They were a meal in themselves containing the liquid, vegetable garnish, and a variety of meats.
  2. Give three examples of old style soups.
    Flemmish Hochepot, Spanish Oilles, and French Petite Marmite
  3. Who was responsible for changing soups from a complete dish to the more light and savory ones of Escoffier?
  4. What are the two main classifications of soups?
    Clear Soups & Thick Soups
  5. Theese soups are almost always clarrified consommes, somethimes thickened with tapioca and often include a light garnish.
    Clear Soups
  6. What are the 5 classifications of thick soups?
    Purees coulis and Bisques, Creams, Veloutes, thickened bouillons, special blended soups
  7. What are the 5 classicifation sections for soups in Escoffier?
    Clear garnished consommes and bouillons; purees, veloutes, and creams; Special blended soups; soups from bourgeois cookery; foreign soups
  8. what tempurature should soups be served?
    boiling hot
  9. Similar to a stock but made using a higher quantity of meat and simmered for a shorter amount of time.
  10. This soup made in a special earthenware pot includes beef rum or chuck, beef ribs, marrow bones, a boiling fowl, White Bouillon, and vegetable flavoring ingredients
    Petite Marmite
  11. This is a white bouillon to which a mixture of chopped lean beef, carrots, leaks and egg whites is added and simmered for 1 1/2 hours then passed through a clean cloth.
    Ordinary Consomme
  12. A white bouillon to which lean beef, chicken giblets, roast chicken carcasses, a boiling fowl, leeks, carrots, and egg whites have been added. Before simmering for 1 1/2 hours and then passing through a cloth.
    Consomme de Volaille (Chicken Consomme)
  13. What ingredients are added to the clarification of a fish consomme that not used in the making of other consomme?
    White Wine & Parsley Stems
  14. Soup garnish that is finely shredded leaves of lettuce or sorrel stewed in butter.
  15. Soup garnish that is generally chervil and consists of the whole leaf sprays without the central stalk. They should be added at the last moment.
  16. Soup garnish consisting of 4-5 cm pieces of a halved french loaf with the soft bread from the inside removed that are buttered and dried in the oven.
  17. Soup garnish that is a 1/2 cm dice of bread fried in clarified butter.
  18. Finely pounded raw chicken breast with egg white, salt and nutmeg, sieved and mixed with double cream.
    Fine Chicken Forcemeat for Quenelles for Soup
  19. Ripe tomato with the skins and seeds removed, Finely slice the flesh and stew with butter and a pinch of salt and sugar, but not long enough that it is a puree.
    Tomato Fondue
  20. Peeled and seeded tomatoes that are cut into an even dice, then poached in either white bouillon or salted water.
    Dice of Tomato
  21. What quantity of Julienne and Brunoise should be used for garnishing soups?
    1-2 tbsp per liter
  22. These are consomme that are not garnished, but have slightly more meat and additional flavorings added to the clarification.
    Special Consomme for Suppers
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