Mass Communication Exam Review

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  1. John Logie Baird
    • First mechanica system
    • Was supported by England
    • 1st system of tv in the worlds
  2. Vladimir Zwirkin
    • Developed Iconoscope
    • Hired by Sarnoff to be incharcge of TV development
  3. Farnsworth 1930
    1st patent for 1st electronic system
  4. The Freeze
    • Federal goverment announced a freeze in 1948 on Building Tv stations.
    • Didnt want freq to interfear with each other
    • Had to determine ceritan rules (size of tv 4 by 3)
  5. Color TV
    Becomes dominant form of tv in 1970's
  6. CATV
    • Through phone lines
    • Send info to peoples homes
  7. First satellite delivered cable
  8. O&O's`
    Opperated and owned by network
  9. Affilates
    • station independently owned
    • carry network programs
    • contract
    • provide all of own programing
    • no relationship with networks
  10. ratings
    • percent of tv's tuned into a show
    • determined by sample space
    • diaries were used
    • 1970's peoplemeter counts when tv is on
    • Overall intrest in the show
  11. share
    • percent of tv's in use that are tuned to a particulat show
    • reflects competitiveness of show
    • only reports % of people who are watching
    • if share is good then the show is good
    • can save a TV shoe from being cancled
  12. syndication
    • producers can do what they want with show
    • they can liscene it to tv stations around world
    • for it to work there must be 50 episodes
  13. off network syndication
    • where shoe came from and syndicated by thoes who own it
    • where most syndicated programs come from
    • that 70's show
  14. first run syndication
    • never made for a network
    • solely produced by independent producer and major motion pic studio
    • no network has rights
    • Jepordy
  15. challenges with cable
    • wiring the nation
    • very expensive
    • pass by rate
    • density
    • penetration
  16. 3 things taht will determine the sucess of cable outlet in an area
    • Pass by rate
    • number of homes that are passed by cable with the potential to subscribe
    • Density
    • number of houses per mile of cable
    • Penetration
    • number of homes that are passeed by cable that actually subscribe
  17. Ray Tomlinson
    Made email popular
  18. WWW started in
  19. HTTP
    • hyper text transfer protocol
    • way the web transfers files from one location to another
  20. HTML
    • hyper text marca language
    • through the use of GUI
    • allow time to create and color images and sounds on a computer
    • also allowed users of the www to point and click
  21. VoIP
    • Voice over internet protocol
    • skype
  22. URL
    • files
    • uniform resuouce locator
    • name of the file we are trying to acces
  23. Host
    • How we connect to internet
    • server
    • internet service providor
  24. browser
    • installed on computer and is used to download files
    • Internet explorer, Safari
  25. Search Engines
    • On screen menu where we can navigate with a click
    • google
    • yahoo
    • ask
  26. homepages
    • help access other parts of the site
    • frequently used
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