Escoffier Cold Sauces

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  1. Garlic pounded in a mortar with egg yolk, and oil slowly dripped in while mixing. Can be thinned with lemon juice and a few drops of water if needed.
    Aioli (Beurre de Provence)
  2. Mayonnaise with the addition of tomato puree and finely diced red pimentos.
    Sauce Andalouse
  3. Bechamel with egg yolks, black pepper, vinegar. Whisk in oil and tarragon vinegar as you would in making mayonnaise, and finish with prepared mustard.
    Sauce Bohemienne
  4. Mayonnaise made with lemon juice instead of vinegar with whipped cream folded in.
    Sauce Chantilly
  5. Pistachios and pine seed kernels pounded to a paste, sauce bechamel, mixed with egg yolks, then add oil and lemon juice as you would for making a mayonnaise.
    Sauce Genoise
  6. Cooked hard boiled egg yolks with mustard worked into a paste. Add oil and vinegar as you would for making mayonnaise, finish with chopped capers and gherkins, parsley, tarragon chervil, and hard boiled egg whites chopped julienne.
    Sauce Gribache
  7. Port wine with nutmeg, cinnamon salt and pepper, reduce and add redcurrant jelly and grated horseradish.
    Sauce Groseilles au Raifort (Redcurrant and Horseradish sauce)
  8. Half of a calves brain and an equal amount of ox or mutton brain poached in a vinegar court bouillon, drained and sieved to a puree. Add to prepared mayonnaise and finish with chopped parsley.
    Sauce Italienne
  9. Egg yolks, liter oil, salt, pepper, vinegar or lemon juice. With boiling water added at the end.
    Sauce Mayonnaise
  10. Melted aspic jelly added to prepared mayonnaise.
    Sauce Mayonnaise Collee (Jellied Mayonnaise)
  11. Melted aspic jelly, mayonnaise, grated horseradish, placed over ice and whipped till it becomes frothy and begins to set.
    Sauce Mayonnaise Fouette a la Russe (Whipped Mayonaise, Russian Style)
  12. Mayonnaise with the addition of chopped shallots cooked in white wine, melted meat glaze, chopped chives and cayenne.
    Sauce Moisquetaire
  13. Mustard salt pepper and lemon juice mixed together. Double cream added drop by drop as if you were making a mayonnaise.
    Sauce Moutarde a la Cr�me (mustard and cream sauce)
  14. Grated horseradish, chopped walnuts, sugar, double cream and salt.
    Sauce Raifort aux Noix (Horseradish sauce with walnuts)
  15. Oil, vinegar, capers, parsley, tarragon, chervil, chives, chopped onion, salt and pepper.
    Sauce Ravigote (or Vinaigrette)
  16. Mayonnaise mixed with mustard, chopped gherkins, capers, parsley, tarragon, chervil, and anchovy essence.
    Sauce Remoulade
  17. Creamy parts of lobster or crawfish, caviar, pureed with a little mayonnaise. Add sieved puree to mayonnaise, and finish with mustard and derby sauce.
    Sauce Russe
  18. Hard boiled egg yolks crushed to a paste, Add oil and vinegar as for making a mayonnaise, and finish with a puree of spring onions.
    Sauce Tartare
  19. Blanched spinach, watercress, parsley, tarragon, and chervil pounded and squeezed through a cloth to obtain the herb juice. Add to prepared mayonnaise.
    Sauce Verte (Green Sauce)
  20. Blanched sorrel, tarragon, parsley, chervil, chives, salad burnett, watercress and spinach. Squeeze out all of the water and pound with hard boiled egg yolks, sieve and add raw egg yolks, Add oil and vinegar as for making mayonnaise and finish with Derby sauce. (can also be made by adding the herb puree directly to prepared mayonnaise and finishing with derby sauce)
    Sauce Vincent
  21. Apples cooked in white wine, pureed and sieved. Add the puree to prepared mayonnaise, and finish with chopped horseradish.
    Sauce Suedoise
  22. Hard boiled egg yolk, anchovy, capers, tarragon, chervil, chives, and mustard. Add oil and vinegar as you would for making mayonnaise, season with cayenne, and finish with chopped parsley.
    Cambridge Sauce
  23. Redcurrant jelly, port, blanched and chopped shallot, blanched julienne of orange and lemon zest, orange and lemon juice, mustard, cayenne and ginger.
    Cumberland Sauce
  24. Mayonnaise with the addition of sour cream, lemon juice, chopped fennel, and Derby Sauce
    Gloucester Sauce
  25. Mustard, horseradish, sugar, salt, cream, vinegar and breadcrumbs that have been soaked in milk.
    Cold Horseradish Sauce
  26. Julienne of mint leaves, with sugar, vinegar, salt, pepper, and water.
    Mint Sauce
  27. The same as Cumberland with half the amount of lemon and orange zest that should be grated instead of cut julienne.
    Oxford Sauce
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